A thank you from Bodyset 

We’re grateful for everything you do, and to show our thanks we’re offering you the following discounts at all our 30+ clinics nationwide:

  1. 50% OFF your first self-pay, full price assessment, covering one of the following appointments:

Physiotherapy Assessment, Chiropractic Assessment or Osteopathy Assessment (45 mins) – for MSK injuries

Online Physiotherapy Assessment (30 mins) – recover from the comfort of your home

BodyCheck (45 mins) – a full body MOT

RunFit (45 mins) – improve your running technique

SkiFit (60 mins) – your path to peak performance and injury prevention

Footscan (45 mins) – for improved comfort and stability

Clinical Pilates (45 mins) – feel better in your body

Balance And Mobility (45 mins) – improve your stability

Sports Massage (30 mins & 60 mins) – for tired and tight muscles

Acupuncture (45 mins) – for pain relief and recovery

Women’s Health (45 mins) – for all women, through pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond

Mummy MOT (60 mins) – a post-natal screening

Scar Therapy (60 mins) – improve the health and appearance of your scars.

Shockwave Therapy Assessment (45 mins) – for fast and long-lasting pain relief

Sports Rehab Therapy Assessment (45 mins) – maximise sports performance and reduce risk of injury

Bracing Assessment (45 mins) –  reduce pain, prevent injuries, and help you recover after an injury

Online Desk Assessment (30 mins) – prevent pain and discomfort in the workplace

4. 20% OFF self-pay pay-as-you-go appointments.

To discover your discount code please log into your Blue Light Card account and search for ‘Bodyset’ via the using the ‘offers near me’ tab.

Then call to book on 03303330435 and quote your code to claim your discount. Be sure to present your card at your appointment. T&Cs apply.