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Stick with Your Health Kick this New Year
Stick with Your Health Kick this New Year 6 Jan 2016

Introduction It’s a New Year and everyone is setting themselves New Year’s resolutions. The most common New Year’s resolution is losing weight and getting fit, but it is also the most broken New Year’s resolution. After self-indulging on food and [...]

Top Tips for Beginner Runners
Top Tips for Beginner Runners 21 Oct 2015

Introduction: Running is a great way to loose weight, increase your aerobic fitness and generally tone your body. It is a high impact sport and with the constant pounding and repetitive nature of the sport, injuries like shin splints, patella [...]

Questions from Womens Running
Questions from Womens Running 9 Nov 2015

Introduction For a feature running in the December 2015 issue of Womens Running Magazine Kiri Norton, Sports Therapist, was asked a serious of questions about running. See her full interview below and don’t forget to check out the full feature in Womens [...]

Avoiding Winter Sport Injuries
Avoiding Winter Sport Injuries 10 Nov 2015

Introduction We see an increasing a number of injuries around the winter months that are commonly associated with winter sports. This is due partly to plummeting temperatures and also to the pressures that are placed upon the body during skiing [...]

Over Pronating and Running
Over Pronating and Running 7 Apr 2015

Many injuries can occur during marathon training. This is due to the repetitive movements and high volume of impact on the body. One main cause of injury during running is overpronation of the foot. This can be adapted to reduce [...]

Weight Gain Diet and Training Plan for Rugby Players
Weight Gain Diet and Training Plan for Rugby Players 27 Jan 2015

Battling to Bulk The rugby season is well underway with the premiership and national teams all battling it out for the top spot and it seems the country is becoming mad on rugby! It’s great to watch the game and [...]

Ski season top tips
Ski season top tips 2 Jan 2015

A Quick Overview Of Your 2014-15 Ski Season I for one have a massive love / hate relationship with winter. It’s cold, it’s dark, but this also means that I get to layer up with the new season knitwear and [...]

What are the benefits of stretching?
What are the benefits of stretching? 7 Nov 2014

Introduction Although there is little proof that stretching reduces injury, there are many other benefits of performing stretches. From reducing muscle related discomfort in the workplace1 to increasing sports performance2 . Our therapist Kiri Norton looks into the benefits of stretching. What [...]

How To Finding the Pilates class and Instructor for you
How To Finding the Pilates class and Instructor for you 28 Oct 2014

Introduction Finding the appropriate Pilates class and instructor can be hard. Particularly because the title of “Pilates Instructor” is not protected. There is a nationally recognised qualification for teaching mat work Pilates. However, there is no standardised qualification for teaching [...]

Foot and Ankle injuries in Dancers
Foot and Ankle injuries in Dancers 25 Feb 2019

Practising ballet and classical dance, either as sport or for fun, are fantastic ways to keep fit and use your body. Have you ever paused to consider the extreme physical demands they place on the body? In today’s blog our [...]