Health and Wellbeing How to beat exercise burnout

Feb 1st 2022

We all have those days when we want to bail on exercise and flop onto the sofa for a night with Netflix instead. But most of the time we’re able [...]

Fitness and Performance Five common reasons for inside knee pain

Oct 7th 2021

Pain on the inside of the knee (medial knee pain) can happen to anyone, whether you’re a runner, footballer or casual gym-goer. Today, physiotherapist Matt looks in detail at five [...]

Health and Wellbeing 5 ways physiotherapy can improve mental health 

Oct 6th 2021

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is to enhance people’s everyday lives – whether that’s through increasing sporting performance, or managing rehab, recovery and pain relief. Because when we’re not moving as well as we’d like, it [...]

Fitness and Performance What causes you to get a dead leg?

Aug 25th 2021

Dead Leg can be a very painful and chronic condition. Today we share the anatomy and science behind ‘Dead Leg’ and explain how it can be remedied.

Health and Wellbeing Why does my back hurt after a shift?

Jul 21st 2021

Restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels are open, the summer sun is shining (well, sometimes), and we can finally enjoy dining out with friends and family in larger gatherings. Things are [...]

Fitness and Performance How to prevent common climbing injuries

Jul 14th 2021

It’s time to make the most of the weather (when the good old British summer decides to smile on us), crush some new routes and even push your grade. But [...]

Health and Wellbeing Why am I peeing a lot?

Mar 16th 2021

If it feels like you're peeing a lot lately and it’s starting to take its toll...  you’re not alone, and you don't have to put up with it.

Health and Wellbeing The connection between sleep and pain

Feb 26th 2021

We know a great night’s sleep has its benefits, but did you know that there is a strong relationship between the quality of sleep and how you experience pain?

Health and Wellbeing How to Improve Your Sleep

Sep 11th 2019

Our physio James talks about the value of a good nights sleep and shares his five recommendations on how to get it. Sleep has a very important role to play when it [...]

Fitness and Performance Physiotherapy for footballers

Apr 16th 2019

If you’re a keen footie fan or player you’ll probably be aware of the presence of a physiotherapist on the pitch side-lines. Their role extends far beyond match day, though. [...]

Health and Wellbeing Why do I have hip and groin pain?

Mar 18th 2019

Do you suffer from hip and groin pain? If so you’ll know just how painful and debilitating it can be. Today, Bodyset’s physiotherapist Shelly shares her expert knowledge of the [...]

Health and Wellbeing Posture correcting exercises for Kyphosis

Feb 18th 2019

Postural curvature is a major cause of pain and tension in shoulders and upper back, but did you know that it can have repercussions on your overall health? Today Tanvi [...]

Fitness and Performance Forget Plantar Fasciitis in five steps

Jan 28th 2019

At Capital Physio we pride ourselves on helping you feel better quickly. We also love to help you understand your injury or condition in detail. Today the spotlight is on [...]

General Symptoms and Solutions of Torn Ligaments

Jan 23rd 2019

Torn ligaments are painful, activity-limiting and require bespoke rehabilitation programs. In this blog James Ticehurst, Physiotherapist at Bodyset, explains what ligaments are, what injuries can happen to them and how [...]

Fitness and Performance 5 Yoga Stretches for Hikers

Dec 24th 2018

Are you a keen hiker? If you’re looking for ways to improve your hiking form, distance and stamina then you are in the right place. Bodyset’s physiotherapist Omkar is here [...]

Fitness and Performance 5 Machine Exercises For Hikers

Dec 17th 2018

Following on from last weeks' free weights focus in our hiking series, Bodyset’s Physiotherapist Omkar shares his tips on what machine exercises you can do to strengthen and get into [...]

Fitness and Performance Foam Rolling for Hikers

Nov 12th 2018

These exercises will help you develop flexibility, reduce muscle tightness and increase mobility; all of which will help you to become a more efficient, stronger hiker.

General Mechanical back pain

Nov 5th 2018

At some point in your life you may have suffered from back pain and know just how painful and debilitating it can be. Today Gbemi, one of Capital Physio’s expert [...]

Fitness and Performance Conditioning for Hikers

Oct 29th 2018

If you’re a keen hiker then you’ll know that to cover the distance you want to on your favourite hikes, endurance and stamina are key. In this blog our Capital [...]

Fitness and Performance Running: Top tips for New Runners

Oct 9th 2018

Runners galore are gearing up for a weekend packed full of popular races, including the Vitality Westminster Mile on Saturday 27th May and the Vitality London 10,000 on Sunday 28th [...]

General Is my handbag a cause of my pain?

Sep 3rd 2018

We are all guilty of carrying around a handbag that’s too heavy for us because, well, what would we do without all of that stuff? Our purses and bags are [...]

General Ankle Sprains – what to do?

Aug 13th 2018

Ankle sprains can put a stop to us taking part in our favourite sport while we recover. James Bainbridge, one of our physiotherapists , tells us about his personal and professional [...]

Health and Wellbeing Pre-event / competition Sports Massage

Jul 30th 2018

Are you training for an event or competition and considering whether sports massage will be beneficial to your preparation?  Here we take a look at some of the ways sports [...]

Fitness and Performance Is Massage part of your Training Programme?

Jul 30th 2018

Back in February, Matt Peterson wrote about the benefits of sport and remedial massage. This time he's back to explain how sports massage can help you as part of a training [...]

Health and Wellbeing Top Tips: Reduce The Burden of Heavy Bags

Jun 18th 2018

We asked Bodyset physiotherapist Nikolaois Chatziviltsos for some expert advice on minimising the impact of carrying heavy bags. Read on for his five top tips then put them into practice to [...]

Health and Wellbeing London Marathon Recovery Top Tips

Apr 23rd 2018

Congratulations! If you’ve completed the London Marathon then you’ve done something truly impressive and should be really proud of yourself.

Fitness and Performance Do Less to get More from your training

Mar 15th 2018

Runners often believe that in order to smash their goals, they need to be training hard, every single day… Can you blame them for thinking this? You want to get [...]

Health and Wellbeing Sports and Remedial Massage

Feb 14th 2018

t is likely you will have heard of sports massage, seen it advertised, or even received sports massage in the past. But you might be wondering what benefits it offers, [...]

Fitness and Performance Dynamic stretches for runners

Nov 7th 2017

Dynamic stretching is an excellent way to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Dynamic stretches involve repetitively moving the muscles and joints through movements that mimic the sporting activity. It is [...]

General What is arthritis?

Oct 31st 2017

Arthritis basically means joint pain or joint disease. There are different types of arthritis which can present in different ways. It can be a debilitating disease, however, it can be [...]

General Neck pain

Sep 26th 2017

If you suffer from neck pain, your symptoms can be caused from a muscular, joint, or neural system dysfunction. A Physiotherapist can manage your pain with a thorough history, assessment [...]

Fitness and Performance IBS and Exercise

Sep 1st 2017

The ‘I’m so sorry’ look at your waiter and friends as you start your list of dietary requirements. Or just generally feeling uncomfortable all of the time, so much so [...]

Health and Wellbeing Mindfulness and Stress

Mar 29th 2017

A natural response to help keep us alert and avoid danger, stress is something many of us experience as part of our everyday lives.

Health and Wellbeing 5 tips for improving sleep quality

Mar 16th 2017

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and general wellbeing. We’ve put together 5 quick tips to help those of us seeking a [...]

Fitness and Performance How to Alleviate Cycling Knee Pain

Feb 2nd 2017

We are all told that riding a bike is a low-impact aerobic activity, so why do so many of us suffer from cycling knee pain? Although cycling is a great [...]

Health and Wellbeing Is it important to correct bad posture?

Jan 18th 2017

One of the most common topics of conversation in a physiotherapy clinic is posture, with many people saying they’ve been told their posture is “poor”, “misaligned” or they need to [...]

Health and Wellbeing Acupuncture for Sciatica

Oct 31st 2016

Acupuncture for sciatica is a popular treatment. We discuss sciatic pain, how acupuncture for sciatica works, and what to expect from treatment.

Health and Wellbeing Kinesiology Tape and Low Back Pain

Jun 14th 2016

Acute low back pain is very common, and a condition that affects a large proportion of the population at some stage throughout their life. Kinesiology tape has been shown to [...]

Fitness and Performance Top Tips to Fight Inflammation

Jan 24th 2016

Inflammation is a complex biological response that occurs in the body's tissues as a response to harmful stimuli such as pathogens, damaged cells or irritants (Ferrero 2007). This article will [...]

General The Sedentary Worker

Dec 5th 2015

The sedentary lifestyle is becoming more and more prevalent, perhaps because of the increase of technology and ease of completing tasks from the comfort of our computer, laptop, tablet or [...]

Fitness and Performance Avoiding Winter Sport Injuries

Nov 10th 2015

In this article our Sport Therapist Kiri Norton looks into the most common winter sport injuries and simple tips on how to avoid these injuries from occurring.

Fitness and Performance Questions from Womens Running

Nov 9th 2015

For a feature running in the December 2015 issue of Womens Running Magazine Kiri Norton, Sports Therapist, was asked a serious of questions about running. See her full interview below and don't [...]

General Top Tips for New Mums

May 18th 2015

Giving birth is an exciting but often overwhelming time in your life, sparking huge changes to your lifestyle and your body. Here are some top tips from Sorcha Callaghan, a [...]

General Top Tips for Mums to be

May 18th 2015

Pregnancy is an exciting but often overwhelming time in your life, sparking huge changes to your lifestyle and your body. Here are some top tips from Sorcha Callaghan, a Physiotherapist [...]

Fitness and Performance Over Pronating and Running

Apr 7th 2015

Many injuries can occur during marathon training. This is due to the repetitive movements and high volume of impact on the body. One main cause of injury during running is [...]

Fitness and Performance Ski season top tips

Jan 2nd 2015

Now I know many people grumble about snow in the UK, about how its fun for an hour or so… but then it’s just a nuisance that hangs around for [...]

Fitness and Performance What are the benefits of stretching?

Nov 7th 2014

From reducing muscle-related discomfort in the workplace to increasing sports performance, our therapist Kiri Norton looks into the benefits of stretching.

Fitness and Performance Cheerleading: A Technical Look

Sep 22nd 2014

Despite the injuries that can be sustained, cheerleading is an immensely enjoyable and competitive sport. The risks discussed are definitely enough for sporting associations to recognise that Cheerleading is a [...]

Fitness and Performance Common Running Injuries

Sep 3rd 2014

It's been a summer of sport, kicking off with the world cup in Rio and rounding up with the Commonwealth Games hosted here in the UK. Events such as these [...]

General Ice Baths, do they work?

Jun 27th 2014

A fast recovery from an injury is vital to the athlete and equally, a fast recovery from an intense training programme is just as important.

Health and Wellbeing Longevity in the Workplace

May 8th 2014

In this article, we explore what being part of an ageing workforce means for the worker and their employers. We look at what can and should be done to support [...]