Battersea Physiotherapy

Our Battersea physiotherapy clinic is based in Stars Gym in the Albion Riverside Building. If you live or work in this area of London, we are perfectly positioned for all your recovery and performance needs.

Our experts will support you throughout your journey from recovery to rehabilitation, and improved performance. No challenge is too great, or too small.

We have physiotherapy appointments available every weekday, and you don’t need to be a member of the gym to book in at Battersea.

How do I get to the Battersea Physiotherapy clinic?

Click here to find us via your preferred maps app.

You’ll find the Albion Riverside on Hester Road, just off the A3220 which crosses the Thames into Battersea. When entering from Hester road you’ll see the building ahead, which is a U-shape. Follow the curve round (the side away from the river) and the gym is roughly as the building starts to twist into the U. Walk along outside the building until you find the gym and walk inside.

Head into Stars Gym and let reception know that you have an appointment with Bodyset. They will direct you to our clinic, and your physiotherapist will come and collect you at the time of your appointment.

Imperial Wharf (21 mins walk/ 6 mins drive)

Battersea Park (25 mins walk/ 8 mins drive)

South Kensington (25 mins walk/ 9 mins drive)

Clapham Junction (26 mins walk/ 9 mins drive)

Keeping you safe

We continue to remain vigilant with clinic risk assessments and enhanced hygiene and cleaning methods. If you are feeling unwell or have tested positive for covid please let us know prior to your appointment.  If you would like your practitioner to wear a face mask during your appointment please let us know.