Boost your team’s positivity and productivity with physio. 

Become a corporate partner to receive free and discounted sessions for your employees. 

Whether you’re in finance, construction, retail or hospitality, it is possible that at some point, your team may start to suffer from aches, tension or pains. 

If left untreated, they can become an unwelcome distraction…

  • Disrupting focus. 
  • Decreasing productivity. 
  • Affecting overall performance. 

Our corporate partner scheme is designed to provide your teams with expert advice, and the treatment they need to keep their bodies working at their best. 


1) 2 FREE 15-min Health Checks (Phone or Video Call) per employee, per year. 

Quite often we find people don’t know where to turn when it comes to aches and pains. That’s why our team are here to listen to the problem, provide some actionable steps to overcome it, and some advice on what to do next.

During the 15-min phone or video call, one of our physiotherapists will: 

  • Ask the client to explain their reason for calling, listen to, and explore the problem they’re experiencing. 
  • Provide general advice and reassurance as well as guidance on how to reduce symptoms, suggesting a few starter exercises. 
  • Share a potential diagnosis if appropriate. 
  • Give recommendations on what to do next, whether treatment is advised. 

We will provide your team with a unique 100% discount code on our 15-min Health Check Phone or Video call (RRP £25), which can be used when booking online or over the phone. 


2) UNLIMITED 10% OFF pay-as-you-go physiotherapy, online desk assessments & massage for all employees, all year. 


Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment (45 mins)Physiotherapy Treatment (30 mins), Physiotherapy Treatment (60 mins), Online Desk Assessment (30 mins), Online Physiotherapy Assessment (30 mins), Online Physiotherapy Assessment (60 mins), Online Physiotherapy Treatment (30 mins), Online Physiotherapy Treatment (60 mins), Sports Massage (30 mins), Sports Massage (45 mins), Sports Massage (60 mins), Sports Massage (90 mins).  

Does not include: 

Courses, or any of our specialist services e.g., Women’s Health, PilatesRunFit. 

We will provide your team with a unique 10% discount code which can be used when booking on our website, or over the phone.


3) DISCOUNTED Face-to-face Desk Assessments (5 or more)

We know that a poorly set up desk or workstation can cause pain and discomfort. That’s why we make sure to offer our face-to-face desk assessments at our most favourable rate to our corporate partners. If you would like to book or enquire, simply submit the form below, or give our client care team a call on 033 0333 0435.


Virtual Physio Group Session £100 per hour

Having become increasingly popular for home desk workers during lockdown, we designed our virtual sessions to replace our face-to-face partner workshops. 

They’re a great way to get your virtual teams together to learn how to build healthy routines and stay supple while working from home.

One of our expert physiotherapists will provide actionable advice on how to reduce stress, stay mobile/ active, and improve their desk/ workstation setup. 


  • Advice-based presentation. 
  • Some virtually guided exercises. 
  • A short Q&A. 
  • We can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or whichever video platform works best for your team. 
  • No limit on the number of attendees.
  • We will also provide 50% off an Assessment & Treatment (45 mins RRP £75) for every employee who attends. The code provided will be valid for one month after the date of the group session. 


We currently recommend booking in for 2 sessions i.e. a 2-part series. 

Part one – general wellbeing or stress reduction presentation with stretches demonstrated. 

Part two – stretching and strengthening session, focusing on the most prominent questions from the first session, or a general desk mobility presentation with stretches demonstrated. 

Ready to take the next step?

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