Are your team certified and professionally registered?

All physiotherapists at Capital Physio have completed an undergraduate or Masters degree in Physiotherapy, are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), and have full membership status with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

You can check your professionals registration status at the HCPC using their registration number or Surname: Check the Register 

Do I need to be referred?

You can see any of our physiotherapists if you plan to pay yourself. We do not require a referral or delay your appointment.

If you have are planning to claim the cost of physiotherapy through your insurer, you will have to follow your insurance policy guidelines. This sometimes requires you to attend a GP appointment first in order to get an authorisation code for your claim.

NHS patients must have a valid referral from their GP, nurse, or consultants. These are sent to us directly and we will contact you to arrange your appointment once this has been recieved and processed.

How long are treatment sessions?

Both the initial assessment and physiotherapy treatment sessions are 30 minutes long. This allows for plenty of time to review progress, administer the right amount of hands on therapy, and progress home exercises, while also offering the best value for money.

Double sessions can be booked but are only recommended when you are receiving treatment for multiple injuries.

Will the treatment hurt and will it hurt after?

During the assessment process, the physiotherapist may need to complete a number of provocation tests. These are designed to replicate symptoms so the physiotherapist can pin point the cause of the injury. This can temporarily exacerbate symptoms and may even worsen symptoms for a short while after the session. This is normal.

Your physiotherapist will explain all assessment procedures before administering them and discuss available treatment options including their benefits, risks, and possible side effects. Even if you have given consent for treatment, you can change your mind and withdraw consent at any time.

Any exacerbation of symptoms after your session should not last longer than 48 hours. If you are concerned at all, you can contact your physiotherapist or our clinical management team at any point during your treatment cycle. We are always on hand to reassure you and support you through treatment.


How quickly will I feel results?

The speed at which patients get results varies. Typically, we expect clients to see some results within a couple of sessions and if you are not making progress by session 4, we usually refer you on for further investigation or alternative treatment.

Most cases require 5-7 sessions to achieve a full resolution of symptoms however, full resolution with physiotherapy alone is not always possible. While the nature of many injuries can be unpredictable, your physiotherapist will always keep your informed of recovery timeframes, be completely transparent with what is and isn’t working, and mange your expectations throughout the treatment cycle.

I have medical insurance how does this work?

If you have private medical insurance and physiotherapy is covered under your policy then we can bill your insurer directly. You simply need to provide us with your policy details including  your insurer, policy number, authorisation code, treatment allowance and excess details when you register or prior to your treatment.

Please note that if your insurer does not settle your invoices within 60m days, you will be liable to settle them. We will then provide a copy that you can reclaim from your insurer.


Can I self-fund my treatment?

Most of our clients choose to pay for their treatment directly. We make this quick and easy by setting up a payment method at the point of registration and taking payment automatically after each session. This is quick, secure, and means that you and your physio can focus on getting you better.

What’s the cost of treatment?

Our prices are set regionally to ensure we remain competitive. Prices are available at the bottom of each clinic page or an overview of our pricing structure can be found here.

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How can I book an appointment?

Booking an appointment couldn’t be simpler. You can request an appointment online, email us, or call us on 033 0333 0435.

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