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5 things I wish I knew before I started running…

Apr 1 2021

Bodyset RunFit Specialist, Rebecca is running her first ultramarathon this summer. That’s 100 kilometres non-stop! Rebecca started running in 2015 and since then she has completed 3 marathons – including the 2020 virtual Virgin Money London Marathon – but an ultramarathon is her biggest challenge yet.

Rebecca is truly passionate about running and in addition to reaching her own goals she loves helping other runners improve their performance through our Bodyset RunFit Service.

We asked Rebecca to tell us 5 things she wish she knew before she started running and here’s what she said:

1. Don’t compare yourself to other runners.

Many runners love to share and compare their times, distances and running goals. A little bit of healthy competition can be a good thing but try not to get too swept up in comparisons as it can often lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Try to stay focussed on your pace and your goals. It’s your journey so don’t forget to enjoy it!

2. There will be good running days and bad running days.

There will be some days when you feel very light-footed and breeze through your run with ease. On other days you might feel as through you are carrying the world on your shoulders, as you’re your feet drag behind you throughout your run. And that’s absolutely ok – don’t put too much pressure on yourself!

3. Listen to your body.

There will be days when you simply don’t feel like running. You might feel tired, drained or stressed. If it feels too much to run, then head out for a slow jog or even a walk. It’s important to listen to your body to avoid the risk of injury or burnout.

4. Finding your running pace takes time.

When you first start running it can feel very easy to run fast for the first few minutes, yet very hard to keep up that pace from thereafter. In order to find your steady running pace, start with 2-3 minutes of jogging, followed by 1 minute of walking.  Repeat this running pattern for up to twenty minutes. If that feels ok then continue building from there.

5. Cross-training can improve your running performance.

Cross-training is a training programme that incorporates a variety of different workouts into your weekly routine. In addition to running, cross-training can include anything from strength-training to swimming and from cycling to Pilates and yoga. Cross-training can help you improve your cardio, strengthen your muscles, help speed up your recovery and reduce your risk of running injuries.


If you have a running injury or you’re looking to improve your running performance then do book a session with our Bodyset RunFit team for a bespoke assessment and training plan. And if you’d like to read more running tips from Rebecca, then head over to her ultramarathon journal entries here.