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Top Tips for Avoiding Summer Injuries

May 8 2018

With the sunshine inspiring us all to get outdoors and get moving, summer injuries are prone to happen due to increased activity. We want to make sure your summer fun isn’t ruined by pain.

That’s why we asked Bodyset physiotherapist Finola Burrell to share her summer injuries prevention tips for 3 popular summer activities.


The professionals make tennis look so easy. Every summer, masses of Wimbledon wannabes are inspired to give the sport a go. Avoid tennis injuries and enjoy an all over summer workout with these key tips.

  1. Baby steps

    Rather than playing six sets the very first time you hit the court, warm up properly and start with a 30-minute session. Gradually increase time and intensity over a few weeks.

  2. Protect your Achilles

    Make sure your trainers are suitably fitted and not too flat at the heel. Reduce the amount of stretch required from your Achilles tendon.

  3. Off the court

    Combine rotational abdominal and back exercises with gluteal muscle strengthening moves. Use single-leg squats and dead lifts when working out off the court. Help prepare your body for tennis an avoid summer injuries.


This incredibly popular sport causes lots of the most common injuries treated by physiotherapists at our clinics. You can avoid cycling injuries this summer with sensible preparation, including:

  1. Bike assessment

    Invest in an assessment from a professional, who will adapt your bike to your individual needs. Available in our clinics, a Bike Fit session will reduce your summer injuries and improve performance. They’ll adjust elements such as seat and peddle positioning as well as offering advice on posture.

  2. Foam rolling

    Just 30-60 seconds of foam rolling on your thighs, back muscles and calves before a bike ride can reduce muscle tension during and after.

  3. Off your bike

    If you work in an office, set an alarm to help you incorporate 1-2-minute breaks every 30 minutes. Simply shrugging your shoulders, moving your ankles or bending and straightening your legs can do wonders. Keep muscles supple and ready for your next ride.


This involves plenty of movement and lifting. A popular summer activity, gardening is an often-overlooked form of exercise. Get your green fingers ready for action and reduce the risk of summer injuries with these top tips.

  1. Warm up

    A no brainer before any form of exercise, but often forgotten before gardening. Make sure you stretch all over beforehand and set an alarm to ensure that every 20-30 minutes you take a break or change task.

  2. Knee pads

    These handy accessories help reduce pressure on your knee joints and prevent the pain caused by a number of conditions including bursitis and arthritis.

  3. Handle it

    Invest in an assortment of long and short-handled gardening tools. This enables you to vary your position and therefore the muscles used, avoiding repetitive strain injuries.

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