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With “Creed” and “Southpaw” films being released recently and with the health kick in the new year, many individuals are being inspired to take up boxing. There is a stigma around boxing being a men’s sport and it not being “lady like” but with recent fights between Holly Holmes and Ronda Rousey, more and more women are taking up this kick ass sport! Not all women will necessarily want to fight but using boxing for a workout is a fantastic way to get fit! Our therapist Kiri Norton looks at the top reasons why you should take up boxing this year!

Stress Release

Have you had a hard day in the office or lots going on at home? Taking it out on the punch bags is the best way to release your anger and stress. As exercise releases endorphins which are the bodies natural feel good hormone, boxing also makes you feel more content and happier in yourself.

Fat Burning

Boxing is a high intensity work out, with high calories being burnt during the session as well as after you have finished your work out! Work outs that are constant and low intensity i.e. long distance running, do not have this after training calorie burning effect. Did you know that you can burn up to 500 calories in one boxing training session?!

Increased Fitness

There are many fitness benefits of boxing, including…

  • Increased cardiovascular fitness – Your heart and lungs become stronger and more efficient over time, as boxing sessions work the cardiovascular system to its maximum, which forces your body to adapt to make your lungs and heart deliver more oxygen to your muscles.
  • Increased muscular endurance –  During boxing your muscles contract repetitively . Over time, your muscles get used to this repetitive nature, which in turn, allows your muscles to contract repetitively for longer periods of time. Effectively, your muscles tire less easily.
  • Increased muscle strength – You use your entire body in boxing and when you are punching against a resistance i.e. a punch bag, this helps strengthen your muscles.
  • Increased muscle power – Over time, training builds up the power within your muscles, meaning that your muscles can fire with more speed.
  • Increased core stability – Boxing requires a lot of balance, which in turn fires the core muscles and strengthens them.

Tone Up

With all these fitness benefits and calorie burning, this helps your body tone up, making your muscles look leaner, and pulling your body in tighter.

Self Esteem

With your body looking more toned and your body fat reducing, this automatically increases your self esteem. If you look good you feel good!

Self Defence

Boxing could save your life, you learn a lot of self defence moves, which could come in handy one day when you are walking home alone at night.

Fun and Social

Boxing is a fun sport, you get to meet a lot of people in your classes and no class is the same. Also most boxing gyms hold fight nights, where you can watch live boxing and also meet lots of people who love to watch or take part in the sport!


Don’t let the male dominance of the sport put you off! Our Old Street clinic is situated within Fight City Gym where they offer mixed martial arts and boxing classes, along with personal training and sociable fight nights. Our therapists in this location offer sports specific injury treatment and rehabilitation, Physiotherapy and Sports massage to help aid your recovery after sports events or help you with work place injuries and relieve tight muscles.