Bodyset partners with Doctify

Sep 9 2021

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with healthcare review platform Doctify. The website allows people to search for healthcare professionals by speciality, rating, and location. This means that anyone looking for physiotherapy now has access to honest, transparent, and readily available reviews for all of our UK clinics, painting a true picture of the Bodyset experience.  

But why did we choose Doctify over other online review platforms? At Bodyset, we endeavour to form partnerships with brands that truly believe in transparency and who are aligned with our vision, mission, and values 

Doctify, with its patient reviews and online booking feature, is a perfect fit for Bodyset, as we strive to make it easier for patients to access the best care possible through trust, transparency, and digital innovation.  

“The individual specialists, clinics and hospitals working with Doctify are dedicated to promoting transparency in healthcare, driving the industry to a truly patient-centric approach and delivering the very best care.  
We are pleased to partner with Bodyset as they share this very same ethos. Passionate about using digital innovation to strengthen trust and transparency in their sector, the Bodyset team are keen to learn more about their patients’ experiences so that they can continually provide them with top quality care.”
– Suman Saha, Co-founder and Medical Director at Doctify 

Closely aligned with Doctify, we believe that compassion, transparency, and cutting-edge technology are needed to drive real change in the industry. This partnership is another step towards empowering people with the ability to make more informed choices about their healthcare.  

If you’d like to know more about our partnership, please get in touch, or alternatively please feel free to leave us a review below.