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Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine. Your granny falls over all of the time…
During Christmas day more than 80,000 people head over to A&E for treatment. From cuts and falls, to burns and food poisoning the nation’s clumsiness takes over. Below are some of the most common injuries that occur on Christmas day.


Falling over on Christmas day is very common. In December the nation’s alcohol consumption increases by a massive 40% and 14% of people consume more than they intended on Christmas day. With the combination of alcohol, lack of sleep, presents cluttering the floor and icy pathways it becomes very hard not to fall over.

Stabbing yourself

You always get that auntie who loves to coat the presents with open proof cello tape and ribbon. On Christmas day, many people accidently stab themselves with scissors whilst trying to fight their way into opening their present, or assembling toys with scissors instead of using a screwdriver.

Top Tip: Wrap yourself in bubble wrap and invest in a screwdriver.

The deadly Christmas tree!

Who would have thought that a pretty Christmas tree could be so harmful!? During the festive season around 1000 people are injured by their Christmas tree! From getting tangled and electric shocked from the fairy lights, children swallowing light bulbs, accidentally sawing part of your hand from resizing the tree and falling whilst fixing their star or angel on top of the tree.

Top Tip: Choose the correct size tree to avoid hacking your own arm off.


On Christmas day, people tend to light candles or drink themselves into a nice deep sleep in front of the cosy fireplace. You are 50% more likely to die in a fire over Christmas than any other time of year. Many people forget they lit candles or put them near the Christmas tree which can easily get knocked over by the kids. Also some people have burnt their food resulting in a house fire!

Top tip: keep candles away from anything flammable and set an alarm/timer whilst cooking your dinner.

Poisoning yourself!

Many people on Christmas day end up getting food poisoning. Ensure your food is cooked through to the centre and the juices of the meat are clear to avoid spending the whole day on the toilet! Did you know that you can also get poisoned from mistletoe which can cause hallucinations!


By Kiri Norton

(Sport and Dance Therapist)