Equipment to support your home-based recovery

Apr 8 2020

During these times, we want to make sure we’re doing everything that we can to support your home-based recovery. 

So... due to popular demand, we have launched our online shop where you can purchase your own Home Rehabilitation, Yoga and Pilates kit bundles. We are also pleased to offer next day delivery on all orders placed before 3pm Monday – Thursday. 

Hand-picked by our physios, our kit bundles provide you with the essential equipment to progress your recovery from home. If you already have some of the kit, not to worry, we also sell items separately. 

Home Rehab Kit

Keep on top of your home-based rehabilitation with our rehab kit bundleThis combination of equipment is extremely effective in the management and prevention of knee, hip, shoulder and back injuries 

Integrating this equipment into your rehabilitation training can help increase the range of motion in your joints and muscles, improve posture and alleviate everyday aches and pains. 

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We’ve broken down the Kit to provide some more detail on each item below 

Fortress Rainbow Loop Bands x 4

Loop bands improve muscle tone, endurance and coordination. Loop bands are small, yet effective instruments for stretching and strengthening all muscle groupsEach of the four bands has a different level of resistance, making it suitable for all strength levels. 

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Fortress Premium Short Foam Roller

Rated as the best on the market due to their consistency and solidity, these rollers are the perfect self-massage tool for improving flexibility, posture, balance and muscle re-education. When used correctly, foam rollers work wonders at reducing muscle tension, making then a fantastic tool for injury prevention and recovery. 

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Fortress Smooth ‘n’ Spiky Ball

Smooth & Spiky balls are the perfect partner to any exercise regime and can be used to treat myofascial release with precision. They do this by supporting increased blood flow and helping to decrease muscle tension.  

This product comes in a set of two; a large ball with spikes and a second ball with a smooth even surface.  

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Gym Mat

This gym mat is ideal for stretching, yoga and PilatesIt’s lightweight, durable and comes with a handy roll-and-carry strap making it super portableThe unique closed-cell-structure material creates a soft touch for extra comfort. A well-cushioned and non-slip mat to suit your rehabilitation purposes. 

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Ice Storm Freeze Gel

The Ice Storm Freeze Gel uses the cooling effect of menthol (a natural pain reliever) to quickly reduce muscle and joint pain. The cold sensation caused by the gel overrides pain signals to the brain, relieving symptoms 

A more comfortable alternative to ice, this easy to apply gel achieves effective, targeted pain relief from backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains and bruises. 

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Home Yoga and Pilates Kit to continue your practice at home

Our Yoga and Pilates Kit is recommended for those of you who are keen to begin or continue your practice at home. This kit has been designed to suit all levels of ability 

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We’ve broken down the Kit to provide some detail on each item below: 

Pilates Soft Over Ball

The Pilates Ball is an extremely versatile piece of kitParticularly ideal for spinal column and abdominal exercises. It can also be used for resistance, to effectively target those difficult areas such as the inner and outer thighs and the upper arms.  

This ball is a wonderful tool for adding focus and energy to your workouts and is suitable for everybody. 

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Fortress Deluxe Pilates Ring 

The Pilates ring helps to improve your posture and core muscle strength. Adding the ring your workouts can make them that bit more challenging. The two handles can be held with both hands for a full upper-body workout. Alternatively, you can place them between your thighs to work your abductors (groin).  

Fortress Sitting Block

The Fortress Pilates Sitting Block is used to level the pelvis in Pilates or Yoga positions. This particular block block is perfect for those looking to buy a single block, as the extra width of this model fits both sitting bones.  

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Gym Mat 

The same mat as you’ll find in our Home Rehab Kit bundle above!

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Yoga Belt 

The yoga belt helps improve flexibility by extending and lengthening your reach.  

If you have an Online Physio appointment with us, our physios will provide guidance on using the kit as part of your personal treatment plan. 

If you’ve noticed any aches and pains while being at home, simply book into our Online Physio service. We can work with you to locate the cause of the pain and help introduce ways of managing and preventing it