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It’s a New Year and everyone is setting themselves New Year’s resolutions. The most common New Year’s resolution is losing weight and getting fit, but it is also the most broken New Year’s resolution. After self-indulging on food and alcohol, many gyms see a dramatic increase in members. But this increase tends to return to its pre New Year level by the end of February! Below are some top tips on how to stick to your new year fitness plans.

Start Slowly

It is very important to start a new training regime gradually instead of pushing yourself into the deep end.

  • Make a realistic exercise plan with weekly/monthly goals
  • Start off with 2 sessions a week and over time, work your way to exercising 4 times a week.
  • When using weights, start lightly and gradually increase the weight and reps within your bodies limits. This applies to cardio work outs too. Start of slowly and for a short time. You can then increase your speed and the time of your workout as you get fitter.


Allow your body to recover from work outs!

  •  Don’t feel like you need to train every day. Rest and sleep is just as important for your health as exercise is!
  • Having rest days allows your body to recover properly and reduces the risk of injury!

Set Goals

When setting goals i.e. target weight loss, make sure you break down your end goal into monthly and weekly goals. This makes thing more achievable and makes it easier to measure your progress!

Make Time

Chartered Physiotherapists in London Bridge Physio , F45 Training GymSchedule your workouts to fit around your work and social life.

  •  Find a gym that is near home or next door to work so that you can go to the gym before/after work without an extra commute.
  • Timetable your workouts and rest days.
  •  If you can’t afford a gym membership, workout at home! There is no excuse not to stick to your new year fitness plans when you can achieve your goals from home.

Book Things in Advance

Book a block of fitness classes in advanced so that you feel obliged to attend. That way, if you don’t attend you are losing out on money.


It is important to not do the same regime week in, week out! Vary your exercise so you are working a different part of the body each day and in a different way.

  • Start a new class with a friend
  • Go cycling one day instead of running
  • Take a different route when working out outside.

“I don’t know what I’m doing!”

Many people use the excuse that they don’t know how or what to do. If you are unsure then investing in a personal trainer or attending classes is for you. Having bad form could set your training regime back as it increases the risk of injury.

Treat Yourself

Once you have hit your goals, reward yourself with a massage, new gym clothes, a night out with friends. You deserve it!