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How much does private physiotherapy cost?

No one likes talking about cost. Especially when it comes to your health. However, there is no denying that cost is an important factor. This is true of any purchase. Even more so when committing to a repeat purchase like a course of treatment.

When it comes to choosing a physio cost isn’t top of the agenda. Reputation tends to be the main driver. How close the clinic is to your home or place of work is usually second.

Any good physio will tell you that recommendation is the biggest source of patients. This is true for self-referrals and clients referred by GPs and consultants. However, one common questions we do get asked is – How much does private physiotherapy cost?

The answer isn’t always immediately obvious. But we hope this article helps give some transparency to the costs involved with private physiotherapy.

The cost of physiotherapy sessions.

Firstly, let’s look at the cost of physiotherapy sessions. The average cost of a physiotherapy session is £40 – £60. This is the average across the UK.

The cost of a physiotherapy session can be as low as £30. This tends to be for shorter sessions based at a practitioner’s home. However, most patients choose to go to a clinic.

The cost of private a physiotherapist in London can be as much as £125. The higher cost sessions tend to be for longer appointment times or specialist services. Costs can be even higher than this. Especially if you see a private physiotherapist somewhere like Harley street.

The cost of a course of physiotherapy treatment.

The average course of physiotherapy treatment is between 5 – 7 sessions. You may need a few more. You may need a few less.

This means, the average cost for a course of physiotherapy treatment is around £225 – £420. If the stumbling block between you and getting treatment is the question how much does private physiotherapy cost don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss our courses of treatment.

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