At Bodyset, physiotherapy is so much more than pain relief and recovery. It’s about preventing injury, improving performance, and enhancing everyday lives too. That’s why we’re pleased to offer you exclusive partnership member benefits, to help you get the best out of your body and do more of what you love.

What benefits are available to me?

 20% OFF one of the following self-pay, full price physiotherapy appointments:

Physiotherapy, Osteo and Chiro Assessment (45 mins) – for injury prevention and recovery

Online Physiotherapy Assessment (30 mins) – recover from the comfort of your home

BodyCheck (45 mins) – a full body MOT

RunFit (45 mins) – improve your running technique

Balance And Mobility (45 mins) – improve your stability

Massage (30 mins & 60 mins) – for tired and tight muscles

Osteopathy Assessment (45 mins) – for hands-on pain relief and recovery

Women’s Health Physiotherapy Assessment (45 mins) – for all women, through pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond. 

Pregnancy Massage (30 & 60 minutes) – for new mums and mums-to-be. 

Mummy MOT (60 minutes) – a thorough screening for mums of all ages at all stages.

Shockwave Therapy Assessment (45 mins) – for fast and long-lasting pain relief

Footscan Assessment – for improved support and performance.

BikeFit Assessment (120 mins) – prevent injury and increase your cycling performance.

Online Desk Assessment (45 mins) – prevent injury and discomfort in the workplace.

Acupuncture Assessment (45 mins) – for reduced pain and inflammation.

3. 10% OFF self-pay pay-as-you-go appointments.

How do I claim my benefits?

To claim 20% off one of the above appointments simply book via your Happl app using the code HAPP20

To claim 10% off self-pay pay-as-you-go appointments book via your Happy app using the code HAPP10

Please note that T&Cs apply.

What if I have private health insurance?

The above discounts to not apply to members booking with private health insurance. However, we are very happy t support bookings with private health insurance. Please see here for more details.


We can’t wait to see you in clinic soon!