Bodyset partners with Medbelle, the UK’s highest-rated secondary healthcare provider. 

Sep 13 2021

We want to be able to offer our clients access to fantastic consultant care and exemplary patient support. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Medbelle, to offer our private patients a smooth, end-to-end service that seamlessly integrates physiotherapy and orthopaedic surgery.  

Medbelle’s digital patient referral portal provides access to a handpicked network of leading orthopaedic consultants operating from world-class facilities across the UK. So as ever, we’ll only refer you to the very best.  

This new high-quality, digital healthcare experience will also ensure that every Bodyset patient has access to one reliable and hands-on point of contact to answer questions, organise appointments and provide access to further educational material.  

“We are proud to be coupling the carefully curated Medbelle orthopaedic surgeon network with Bodyset’s tradition for delivering exceptional non-operative musculoskeletal care. Utilising Medbelle’s highly specialised technology platform, this new partnership will enable integration and outcome collection that heralds a new opportunity for patients seeking care in the private sector.” 
– Dan Howcroft, Medbelle’s Chief Medical Officer. 

Our physios at Bodyset work closely with the team at Medbelle and their consultants to provide a smooth referral pathway for our patients. Should the patient need a scan or input from a consultant to aid their recovery they can be referred to their required area of speciality quickly. The physios here at Bodyset are then promptly updated with the outcome of their scans and results to inform a suitably bespoke rehab programme.  

With a unique blend of scientific, technological and customer service expertise, Bodyset is committed to redefining what great patient care looks like. We’re excited to deliver this new offering to our patients, and we look forward a high-tech future with Medbelle.  

If you’d like to know more about our partnership with Medbelle, please get in touch below.