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Lower Back Pain While Driving

May 30 2014

According to physiotherapists, commuters could be at risk neck and lower back pain while driving.

Latest census figures for England and Wales reveal that two-thirds of workers (15.3 million) commute by car. And neck and lower back pain while driving is on the rise.

Poor driving posture caused by a failure to adjust the seat and steering wheel is a key factor in discomfort. Left untreated this can cause musculoskeletal problems and lead to sickness absence.

To combat common aches and pains the Chartered Society Physiotherapy (CSP) has top tips to help drivers to have a comfortable and pain-free commute.

‘Drive Free of Pain’ – a step-by-step guide includes:

  • advice for drivers on ensuring they have the correct car set-up;
  • ways to improve posture;
  • plus some simple stretches for when drivers take a break from the wheel.

Chartered Physiotherapist, Joshua Catlett, said:

“Both people and cars come in different shapes and sizes and no one size fits all.”

“Most people understand the importance workstation setup but the car is often overlooked.”

“It is so important to be aware of your posture when driving. Persistent poor sitting posture can contribute to musculoskeletal pain and discomfort.”

Physiotherapists are seeing more and more people experiencing musculoskeletal problems linked to their daily commute.”