COVID-19 multi-site insurance claims – call to action

  • Does your business hold an Aviva “Surgery Policy” insurance?
  • Have Aviva confirmed you are covered under clause 4 of the Business Interruption section covering Government or Local Authority Action?
  • Do you operate multiple locations, and were you denied access to any/all of these as a result of the Government’s lockdown instruction?

If so, then we would like to hear from you as we believe you, like us, may be entitled to a much greater settlement from Aviva. We have legal opinion from a QC that states that Aviva are incorrectly limiting the settlements to clients based on their interpretation of the policy.

If you have multiple sites, then our QC believes the Business Interruption clause 4 policy limit (which we believe is stated at £25k as standard) should be applied to each and every site you operate and not as an aggregate total.

As an example, an operator of 10 sites where they were denied access because of the Government lockdown, who has received £25k from Aviva, may be entitled to a further £225,000.

Aviva are defending their position and so we must take a legal case to challenge them. There is a fast track route for this with the costs estimated at £50k (which we could reclaim most of if we win, or may double if we lose). We believe there are multiple operators in the same position as us and are proposing to organise a joint claim for a declaration that our interpretation is correct, which will then mean Aviva have to re-assess all claims on a per site basis.

We have lawyers instructed and Counsel ready to proceed but we need more claimants to help secure litigation funding. If you hold the Aviva Surgery Policy and operate multiple sites to which you were denied access, please get in contact with us at [email protected]