January 2024 – 8 week run club

Hello Farnham!

Want to improve your running performance or simply get out on track and trail with like-minded runners? Join our 8-week back-to-basics training plan with our weekly run club with elite running coach Mike Gratton and our Bodyset physiotherapists and RunFit specialists!


Every Wednesday at 6.30pm.


The run will start and finish at Bodyset Farnham, 4 West Street, Farnham, GU9 7DN.

How long is the route?

5 kilometres

How do I sign up?

Simply sign up here. We can’t wait to meet you!

Bodyset Run Club Benefits

As a Bodyset Run Club member you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • On-site running tips from elite running coach Mike Gratton who will lead the route each week.
  • Weekly warm downs led by our Bodyset physiotherapists and RunFit specialists, held in our Bodyset gym & rehab space.
  • Free 5-minute sports massage (first come first serve!)
  • Free  Bodyset Physiotherapy Discovery Clinic.
  • 50% off your Bodyset first self-pay full price appointment.
  • 10% off Bodyset self-pay full price follow-up appointments.

Bodyset appointments included in the above offer  are available at to claim at 30+ Bodyset clinics nationwide and include:

Physiotherapy Assessment (45 mins) – for MSK injuries

Online Physiotherapy Assessment (30 mins) – recover from the comfort of your home

BodyCheck (45 mins) – a full body MOT

RunFit (45 mins) – improve your running technique

Footscan & Orthotics (45 mins) – for improved comfort and stability

Balance And Mobility (45 mins) – improve your stability

Sports Massage (30 mins & 60 mins) – for tired and tight muscles

Acupuncture (45 mins) – for pain relief and recovery

Women’s Health (45 mins) – for all women, through pregnancy, motherhood, and beyond

Mummy MOT (60 mins) – a post-natal screening

Shockwave Therapy Assessment (45 mins) – for fast and long-lasting pain relief

Online Desk Assessment (30 mins) – prevent pain and discomfort in the workplace

The offers do not include courses or other services such as Personal Training or Sports Rehab Therapy.

Be sure to grab a discount card from our Bodyset physiotherapists onsite for exclusive discount codes!