In-house Physiotherapy Service

For larger employers, we provide comprehensive onsite services that are integrated with your HR, Health and Safety and Occupational Health teams.

We use Chartered Physiotherapists who specialise in managing work relevant health conditions and can provide more than just a treatment service. Your employees get access to onsite physiotherapy support and the organisation receives comprehensive management advice for all referrals.

Onsite services: Wellness days, workshops and seminars

As well as offering long-term onsite services, we also offer our corporate services on a full or half day rate basis, tailored for your specific requirements. For further information, please contact our partnerships department on 0330 333 0435

£4 saving for Every £1 spent

There have been a large number of case studies looking at the return on investment for in-house physiotherapy services, with the majority showing a minimum return of £4 for every £1 spent. There are also a number other intangible benefits that more and more employers are recognising.

We collect and report on a full range of referral details, injury statistics and outcomes so you can see the impact the service is having on your organisations’ absence levels, health and performance.