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We’re delighted to introduce you to our team of Women’s Health specialists.

Every team member is passionate about closing the knowledge gap around women’s health by raising awareness, encouraging conversation, and making a difference to more women’s lives through Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Women’s health issues can often feel sensitive and personal. At Bodyset, our team of female experts take great care in providing a discreet, compassionate, and professional service.

With help at hand from our caring team there is no need to ever feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, and there is no need push symptoms to one side. Women’s health issues are incredibly common, and they can be addressed.

From pregnancy to menopause and from overactive bladders to vaginal prolapses, our friendly team of experts are here to help.

Our Women’s Health specialists are all members of the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy professional network (POGP).

Our customers say

Julia Peters Belk, Bushey Heath Clinic, Mummy MOT & POGP

I’m a certified Mummy MOT practitioner based at our Bushey clinic, with extensive experience and training in Pilates, rehabilitation, acupuncture and manual therapy. I enjoy supporting women at all stages in their lives, addressing their specific needs and achieving their goals however large or small.

After the birth of my two children, I felt strongly about advocating the importance of Women’s Health Physiotherapy and encouraging women to seek out specialist help for issues such as Diastasis Recti (tummy gap), pelvic or back pain, and urinary urgency or incontinence.

Aftercare for mums is often not as extensive as it should be. Many women are not made aware of the issues surrounding abdominal and pelvic floor muscle weakness following pregnancy. These weaknesses can often lead to further issues if they are not assessed and treated. Many women also learn to get by with conditions such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction after having a baby.

I’m passionate about raising awareness around Women’s Health in the hope that with more knowledge on the subject matter, more women will seek help, and fewer women will suffer in silence.

Francesca Merlo, Harley Street Clinic, POGP

Currently on maternity leave

I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist based at our Harley Street clinic, trained in rehabilitation for urinary incontinence and conditions related to the pelvic floor.

I love to work with new mums during their pregnancy. I provide ongoing support and help them to understand and adapt to their body as it changes throughout the three trimesters. It’s a wonderful experience and a privilege to support women on such a beautiful journey!