We’re delighted to introduce you to our team of Women’s Health specialists.

Every team member is passionate about closing the knowledge gap around women’s health by raising awareness, encouraging conversation, and making a difference to more women’s lives.

Women’s health issues can often feel sensitive and personal. At Bodyset, our team of female experts take great care in providing a discreet, compassionate, and professional service.

With help at hand from our caring team there is no need to ever feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, and there is no need push symptoms to one side. Women’s health issues are incredibly common, and they can be addressed.

From pregnancy to menopause and from overactive bladders to vaginal prolapses, our friendly team of experts are here to help.

Our Women’s Health specialists are all members of the Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological Physiotherapy professional network (POGP).

Our customers say

Julia Peters Belk, MSK & Women's Health Specialist, Mummy MOT & POGP

I’m a certified Mummy MOT practitioner based at our Bushey clinic, with extensive experience and training in Pilates, rehabilitation, acupuncture and manual therapy. I enjoy supporting women at all stages in their lives, addressing their specific needs and achieving their goals however large or small. After the birth of my two children, I felt strongly about advocating the importance of Women’s Health and encouraging women to seek out specialist help for issues such as tummy gap, pelvic or back pain, and urinary urgency or incontinence.

Aftercare for mums is often not as extensive as it should be. Many women are not made aware of the issues surrounding abdominal and pelvic floor muscle weakness following pregnancy. These weaknesses can often lead to further issues if they are not assessed and treated. Many women also learn to get by with conditions such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction after having a baby. I’m passionate about raising awareness around Women’s Health in the hope that with more knowledge on the subject matter, more women will seek help, and fewer women will suffer in silence.

Esther Rostron, MSK & Women's Health Specialist and Mummy MOT

I’m a Chartered MSK physiotherapist and a Mummy MOT registered Women’s Health Specialist based at our Cobham clinic.

I have a special interest in women’s health, and especially enjoys working with post-natal women; helping mums to get back to the exercise and sports they enjoy most.

I enjoy all aspects of treatment from using a mixture of hands on therapy, education to and tailored exercise rehabilitation. I am  also an APPI Pilates instructor and enjoy incorporating Pilates-based rehabilitation into my exercise programmes.

Rujuta Apte, MSK & Women's Health Specialist and Mummy MOT

I’m a Chartered MSK Physiotherapist and a Mummy MOT registered Women’s Health Specialist based at our Newbury clinic.

I have a specialist interest in women’s health rehabilitation, because I believe that women are capable of doing anything they set their minds to!
I enjoy designing patient-tailored, evidence-based treatment protocol for my patients and with the use of both exercise and manual therapy. I trust in a holistic treatment approach and take into consideration contributing lifestyle and psychosocial factors while planning rehabilitation programmes.

Zaneta Kwiecien, Osteopath, MSK & Women's Health Specialist & Mummy MOT

I’m an Osteopath and MSK & Women’s Health Specialist with extensive experience in treating women through pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. I have a Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree from the London School of Osteopathy, a Bachelor of Science in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University, and I’m a registered Mummy MOT.

I specialise in the evaluation/examination and treatment of female clients at all stages of their lives, covering pregnancy, pelvic floor dysfunction, abdominal separation, overactive bladder and much more. Through understanding the journey of motherhood myself, I particularly enjoy empowering pre- and post-natal mums with the hands-on therapy and exercises so they can enjoy motherhood feeling their very best!

Zarfasheen Zia, Chartered MSK Physiotherapist, Women's Health Specialist & Mummy MOT

Zarfasheen is a Chartered MSK Physiotherapist and Women’s Health Specialist with a degree in DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy), a Masters in Women’ Health Physical Therapy and a second degree in Applied Public Health from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN).

Zarfasheen has valuable experience in all aspects of musculoskeletal injuries, evidence-based treatments and issues related to women’s health like bowel and bladder incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunctions like dyspareunia and vaginismus, pre and post-natal rehab, pelvic floor dysfunctions, and pregnancy-related musculoskeletal problems such as back pain, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome.

She strives to ensure that all her patients receive bespoke treatment in order to achieve maximum recovery.

Fern Oliver, MSK & Women's Health Specialist & Mummy MOT

Fern is a Chartered MSK Physiotherapist and Mummy MOT qualified Women’s Health Specialist with a keen interest in helping women of all ages get the very best out of their bodies.

She is also a Level 3 sports massage therapist, with a proven record working in the musculoskeletal field. Having achieved a HCPC and MCS, Fern has drawn focus to post-operative physio, stroke and neurological rehabilitation care and musculoskeletal physiotherapy, working with a range of ages from paediatrics to elderly care.

“Becoming a Physiotherapist had always been a goal of mine since a young age – with a special interest of ensuring an optimal level of care to every client I treat. I love combining all my experience to work with clients at Bodyset, Brigg“.

Katy Gulcu, Senior MSK & Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Katy is a certified Mummy MOT practitioner and MSK physiotherapist based at our Harley Street clinic.

Treating a variety of patients, from sport-related injuries to tummy gap, pelvic or back pain, to urinary incontinence,  Katy has develop a broad range of skills. Katy loves working with people closely and creating personalised treatment plans using manual therapy, acupuncture, taping, and rehabilitation programmes.

“I have a special interest in Women’s Health and have achieved postgraduate qualifications in Pre and Postnatal Care and Women’s Health. My mission is to help mums prioritise their fitness and their physical and mental health through expert coaching”.

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