Heat Moulding Orthotics

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ICB Dual Density Heat Moulding Orthotics are the most technologically advanced orthotic that can be tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

The ICB orthotic offers rear foot and arch control made from a higher density EVA, combined with the comfort of a softer/mid density EVA. This results in an orthotic with comfort and control in gait cycle, from heel strike, midstance to toe off.

Designed for general use and active individuals involved in high performance sporting activities.

UK Shoe Size Guide

XS   3.5-5 women / 3-4.5 men
S   5.5-7 women / 5-6 men
M   7.5-9 women / 7-8.5 men
L   9.5-11 women / 9-10.5 men
XL   11.5-12 women / 11-12 men
XXL   12.5 – 14 women / 13-14.5 men

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