PAY £25 NOW, AND THE REST LATERFind out more.

  1. The £20 credit is not redeemable against an ‘Assessment (45 mins)’ session for the friend or referee.
  2. The £20 credit for the referrer and referee will only be applied to their accounts, and available to use, once the friend or referee has attended an ‘Assessment (45 mins)’.
  3. The practitioner or client care team must be informed of the referral during the friend or referees assessment, so that the £20 credit can be applied to both accounts.
  4. There is no limit on how many people you can be referred. If the referrer refers multiple people, the £20 credits can be saved up and redeemed against their next treatment purchase, e.g. if a client refers 5 friends or referees who all book an ‘Assessment and Treatment (45 mins)’ then they can redeem £100 off their next course of treatment.
  5. The scheme is only available on physiotherapy services. It excludes all other services including massage, women’s health, desk assessments, Pilates.
  6. The scheme is also only applicable if a self-funding client is referred. It does not apply to clients who are paying via private medical insurance or intermediary bodies.