A balance and mobility assessment designed to identify and minimise the risk of falls.

Our Balance & Mobility service is an in-depth assessment designed to identify the cause of poor balance and/or mobility and determine the best treatment to reduce your risk of falling over. With a Balance & Mobility Assessment we’ll get you back to feeling balanced and confident once again.

Who are Balance & Mobility Assessments for? 

If you or a family member have been feeling off balance, stiff and/or limited in movement, or have experienced a recent fall, then a Balance & Mobility Assessment is for you. Our expert physiotherapists are here to identify the cause of your symptoms and determine the best treatment to get you back to feeling balanced, confident in your body again.

Why are Balance & Mobility Assessments important?  

Falls become increasingly common in older adults and can lead to complications such as bone fractures. So, feeling balanced and mobile as we enter our older stages of life is important for our physical health & safety, and our feeling of self-confidence.

What can I expect from my Balance & Mobility Assessment?

During a Balance & Mobility Assessment our expert physiotherapists will help to minimise your risk of falling by identifying the cause of poor balance and/or mobility and putting a bespoke exercise plan in place to alleviate your symptoms and prevent future falls.

During your Balance & Mobility Assessment we will:

* Take a detailed history of you balance, mobility and fall history, assessing whether orthotic and/or assistive devices will be required.

* Perform a thorough physical screening of your balance and mobility, identify any biomechanical weaknesses or imbalances you may have.

* Develop a personalised plan of care, including exercise therapy and improvements to your limitations.

* Recommend follow-up physiotherapy sessions, if needed.

* We are also able to suggest adaptations to your home to minimise chance of falling in high-risk areas.

What should I wear and bring to my appointment? 

Wear something comfortable. It’s important that we’re able to see how your body moves, so please wear comfortable and loose clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Are Balance & Mobility Assessments covered by private health insurance? 

Unfortunately, Balance & Mobility Assessments are not currently covered by private health insurance.