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Get to know your body better with a head-to-toe MOT.

Every body is different and understanding how your body functions can provide invaluable and life-enhancing information. That’s why our expert physiotherapists are proud to offer BodyCheck. A bespoke assessment designed to identify your individual strengths and weaknesses, catch underlying problems early, and create a personalised lifestyle and performance programme to keep your body working at its very best.

Who are BodyChecks for?

Our BodyCheck musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessments are designed for anyone looking to get to know their body better. If you already have an injury, and you would like this diagnosed and assessed, we recommend opting for our standard musculoskeletal physiotherapy assessment (45 mins).

What can I expect from my appointment?

During your BodyCheck assessment a physiotherapist will perform a series of non-invasive tests, develop a personalised management plan, and recommend treatment if required.

The tests include:

  1. Mobility of the spine including neck and lower back (thoracic and lumbar spine).
  2. Lower body flexibility (the posterior muscle chain – calves, hamstrings, and lower back).
  3. Core muscle stability and endurance (torso stabiliser muscles – front, back and lateral muscle groups).
  4. Lower body stability and endurance (glutes and lower limb – quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves).

You can learn more about each test here. 

What should I bring and wear to my appointment?

Wear something comfortable. It’s important that we’re able to see how your body moves, so please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Are bodyChecks covered by private health insurance?

Unfortunately, our BodyCheck assessments are not currently covered by private health insurance.


£69 – £120

Simply visit your chosen location page for clinic-specific pricing.