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Desk assessments

A poorly set up desk or workstation can cause you pain and discomfort, both at work, and away from the office. You might feel pain anywhere in your body if your desk is set up incorrectly, but tell tale signs are often discomfort or tension in your neck, back or wrists. If you would like to book, or enquire about our face-to-face desk assessments, please give client care a call on 033 0333 0435

Who are desk assessments for?

If you have an office-based job, desk assessments are a fantastic way to improve your overall comfort and productivity at work. We look at the way your workstation is set up, including the height of your screen, desk and chair and make practical improvements to support your working day.

If you’re recovering from an injury or have a disability, it is particularly important to make sure your desk set up is right for you.

How does a desk assessment work?

We have a network of experienced desk assessors who can come to your home or office to carry out a desk assessment (also known as a display screen equipment or workplace assessment).

All of our team are chartered physiotherapists who carry out desk assessment alongside physiotherapy, with specialist training in occupational health, ergonomics and health and safety.

One of our assessors will make the trip over to your workplace. They will check what set up you have now, explain how it might be causing pain or discomfort and what can be changed. We’ll explore your typical working patterns and find out how you usually use your desk.

We might recommend specialist chairs, changes to the way you work or alterations to the position of your desk, keyboard and monitor.

What is a standard desk assessment?

This desk assessment is for anyone who has no immediate pain or problems, and just wants to make sure a poor desk setup does not contribute to any pain down the line. It’s more of a preventative measure, and works well as part of a company induction procedure to make sure your team are comfortable, and working at their best.

what is an advanced desk assessment?

This type of desk assessment is for anyone who is suffering with some sort of pain or musculoskeletal problem. It is also recommended for anyone who is pregnant.

It takes a little longer than a standard desk assessment, because the physiotherapist has to take multiple measurements and build a picture of what might be causing the discomfort or pain experienced. They will then put together a plan to optimise the set-up based on the clients needs. This may include recommendations for more supportive equipment such as foot rests or specialist chairs.

The physiotherapist will also provide guidance on what types of stretches are recommended to support the optimised desk setup and relieve the discomfort or pain experienced.

Why is this relevant for employers?

As an employer, it’s important to help your team stay healthy and comfortable at work. With desks set up safely, you can help reduce sick days and increase productivity.

We offer discounts to employers who require 5 or more desks assessed in the same place, on the same day. Get in touch to find out more.

How much do desk assessments cost?

Standard (30 mins)     £95

Advanced (60 mins)    £300