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Temporarily unavailable

We are sorry to say that we are currently unable to provide isobar compression garments, however, we will be relaunching this service again very soon!

Customised compression

Interested in better recovery after sport and travel?

Wearing effective, tailored compression is a proven way to increase muscle recovery, reduce soreness and decrease risk of DVT – and we’re delighted to be able to offer Isobar custom-fit compression made for your specific size and need.

Compression is about more than just a tight pair of socks. It is important that compression garments fit well to deliver maximum effectiveness and also to ensure there is no tight top band, which can cause a tourniquet effect.

We’re pleased to offer Isobar Compression garments which are the result of 12 years of medical research.

Who are isobar compression garments for?

Isobar compression garments are suitable for those who frequently play sports and want to speed up the recovery process, or perhaps regularly fly long-haul. These help to reduce risk of DVT and leg swelling.

What can I expect from my appointment?

We use a 3D scanner to take a non-contact scan of your limbs, from which we order an exact-fit graduated compression garment to be engineered for your exact shape and size.

Isobar socks and sleeves are a perfect fit. The right pressure is maintained after 100 wash cycles so they are a good investment in your health.

Does my private health insurance cover this service?

Unfortunately, our isobar compression service is not included in any insurance cover, and is only available on a self-funding basis.

Ready to take the next step?

Give our client care team a call on 033 0333 0435 and they will be happy to advise.