The running assessment and management plan for improved performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

RunFit is an in-depth, gold-standard running assessment designed to help you make the most of your training and achieve your running goals faster and without injury. We’re running experts, with lots of experience assessing and treating runners.

Who is RunFit for?

Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just getting started, our Bodyset RunFit service will help you minimise your risk of injuries and improve performance so that you can reach your running goals faster. And if you’ve signed up to any marathons, half marathons or 5k races, our service is a great way to ensure that you’re ready to meet the demands of your training.

Why is RunFit so important?

Running is now the most popular sport in the UK with over 6.5 million runners nationwide. It’s not surprising, as it’s an accessible and sociable way to exercise with many benefits for both our physical and mental health. However, as many as 79% of runners sustain a running-related injury each year. We want to provide you with the tools to stay injury free and running for longer.

What are the benefits of RunFit?

After a RunFit assessment you’ll have a stronger understanding of your running technique, more knowledge on how to avoid injuries, and a detailed plan on how you can run better, and faster, for longer.

What happens during my RunFit assessment?

During your RunFit session, we will:

  • Carry out a video gait analysis of your running style
  • Take a detailed history of your running activities and any injuries you’ve had
  • Perform a thorough physical screening of the muscle groups you use most when you run and identify any biomechanical weaknesses or imbalances you may have
  • Talk to you about your lifestyle outside of running to determine how sleep, stress and nutrition make be affecting your performance
  • Develop a personalised running management plan, including exercise therapy and improvements to your running gait
  • Provide hands-on therapy where needed, including deep tissue work, acupuncture, joint mobilisations and manipulations
  • Recommend follow-up physiotherapy sessions, if needed.


What are the forms I need to fill out prior to my assessment?

When you book your session, we’ll send you a running assessment form and a consent form to fill out and send back. The running assessment form helps us understand more about your running history, saving time during the session so we can make the most of the time you spend with us.

What should I bring or wear?

On the day of your session, please come to your appointment with your usual running shoes and socks.

If possible, please try to avoid wearing the colour black, and wear a top and shorts that are a different colour. It may sound like a peculiar request, but most of our treadmills are black, so if your clothing blends into the background, it can make it slightly trickier to assess the way your body moves when you run.

Same goes for the fit, if you can avoid wearing baggy clothing this is also helpful. As again, we need to be able to see how your body moves when you run.

If you use orthotics, insoles or supports, bring them too.

What if I need further treatment after my RunFit assessment?

Our RunFit package provides you with the opportunity to book two follow-up sessions at a reduced rate when purchased with your assessment. This is where we review the implementation of our learnings from the assessment, as is particularly popular for those who are competing in an upcoming short, or long-distance event.

Depending on the findings from your assessment, or whether you have an injury, we may also recommend a number of treatments or preventative measures, including physiotherapy, massage, or Pilates.

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