BikeFit - A bike fit assessment

In addition to offering physiotherapy treatment for general conditions and injuries, we also provide a bike fitting service called BikeFit. This is a cycling assessment, sutable for all riders, and is currently available at in London St Pancras.

To ensure best posture and avoid injuries, we’ll help locate the perfect seat, peddle and body positioning. Furthermore, this service will help to alleviate any pain whilst cycling and improve power and performance.

Everything you need to know about our BikeFit service

What's included in a BikeFit assessment? 

Offbike assessment:

  • A full cycling and medical history
  • Bike set-up
  • Pre-questionnaire
  • A physical assessment is completed to observe functional range of movement and strength at each joint

Onbike assessment:

  • Handlebar position adjustment (only if appropriate)
  • Advice on cleat position
  • Saddle height to correct upper body reach, hip, knee and foot alignment (only if appropriate)
  • Video analysis before and after adjustments
  • Rehab program to help improve bodily limitations encountered in the BikeFit

Who is a BikeFit assessment for?

Our BikeFit service is for anyone passionate about cycling, from weekend warriors commuters or professional cyclists. In fact, if it’s been a while since you last rode a bike, an assessment is equally ideal. In other words, it’s suitable for all.

Why might a BikeFit be beneficial?

A BikeFit is ideal for anyone who may suffer with pain or discomfort. This could be pain which arises either during their ride or afterwards.

Firstly, an assessment will help identify the cause, which could be due to the set up or body limitations.

Now what?

Should it be found to be the set-up this, this will be corrected and re-tested. If found to be more of a body limitation, then a specific exercise programme will be prescribed to improve mobility and/or strength in the specific area.

Are there always going to be adjustments made to the bike during the BikeFit?

Large adjustments to the bike are not always the answer to improving a bike set up. Sometimes the bike only needs a very small adjustment and it maybe the rider that needs to change posture/technique on the bike. Hence why the input of a physio can be extremely helpful. We can assist with specific exercises to improve strength, stability and/or mobility on the bike.

BikeFit – a physio’s perspective

More importantly, our bike fit service offers the knowledge of an expert physiotherapist,

How much is a BikeFit assessment?

The BikeFit appointment costs £120 and lasts for 60 minutes.

Does insurance cover a BikeFit?

Unfortunatley, this is a self-funding service only. As such, we’re unable to invoice this directly to your insurance provider.

Where is the bike fit assessment available?

At this moment in time, BikeFit is currently only available in St Pancras, London.

Do I need to bring my own bike?

Yes. The purpose of the session is to assess the rider on their bike. In the event of failing to do so, we will be unable to go through with the assessment.

Will I be filmed during my assessment?

Filming occurs for the purposes of reviewing posture, biomechanics and positioning. However, this data is not be kept and only used as part of the session. On request, we’d also be happy to email this over following the appointment.

What do I wear to an appointment? 

Lycra or tight-fitting clothing, equally along with the shoes you would wear cycling.

Our BikeFit Assessors

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