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Why book online physiotherapy? 

Online physiotherapy is ideal if you’re working from home or can’t see your usual physiotherapist in-person.  

Who is online physiotherapy for? 

Anyone with a need for physio, including those recovering from injuries or working to maintain physical strength. 

How does online physiotherapy work? 

Your physiotherapist will carry out your appointment via a private video call using a secure programme (provided by our partner,  Telehab)

Your physiotherapist will ask the same questions and carry out the same assessments that they would if they saw you in person. In the first session, they will: 

  • Ask about pain, discomfort and mobility 
  • Assess your range of movement, strength and functional activities
  • Discuss your diagnosis 
  • Create a treatment plan including goal setting, exercise prescription, education and guided self-manual therapy. 

How do I prepare for a video call?

If you have used Telehab before…

You can simply log in at the time of your appointment and await the video call from your physio.

If you have not used Telehab before…

At the time of your first appointment, your physio will email you a link which will open the Telehab webpage in your browser (you may need to keep an eye on your junk mail, depending on your inbox filters). You will need to enter your name and date of birth to begin.

Once you are logged in, your physio will start the video call. Please note that the screen may appear blank when it first opens. Try to avoid refreshing the page as it takes a short while to load.

When you answer, select the video call option. Make sure your webcam is set up so your physio can assess and treat you effectively.

Please note that if you are using a laptop or desktop, you will experience the best results on Google Chrome. We do not recommend using Safari or Firefox.

Alternatively, if you prefer to use your phone or tablet, you can download the app.

How long will my online appointment last? 

Up to 30 minutes. Your appointment will follow the same stages of assessment and treatment as in-person appointment. 

Why video and not telephone?  

We can achieve more via video than over telephone. Using video, we can complete a functional assessment, observe your range of movements and carry out modified testing to help with diagnosis. 

What does it cost? 

Our 30 min online physiotherapy appointments cost £45 and our 60 min online physiotherapy appointments cost £85. They can be booked online or over the phone. 

Is online physiotherapy covered by private medical insurance? 

Our 30 min online physiotherapy appointments are currently covered by most private medical insurers, including AXA, Bupa, Nuffield, Vitality, IPRS, Cigna and HCML. This does not include 60 min appointments. 

Appointments can be booked online or over the phone. We charge a refundable admin fee of £1 to process insurance bookings. If you are unsure if your provider covers online physio, please call our client care team who will check for you. 

You can find out more about how online physiotherapy works here.


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