Ideal for General Stiffness, Stress, and to Promote Recovery

We now offer a specialist Sports Massage, Bodywork and Manual Therapy session with a Chartered Physiotherapist. This is aimed at clients who don’t have an injury but want a ‘hands on’ session to promote recovery between training sessions, alleviate stress, or to relieve general stiffness after spending too much time at your desk.

Massage with a Physio

This is a massage and bodywork service only and does not include a full assessment. You will still be asked a few basic questions to make sure that massage therapy is safe and appropriate but if you do have an injury please book in for a standard physio appointment. If it turns out you do require something a little more in depth than just a massage, the your physio will offer you a full physio session instead or recommend you get an assessment.

The other benefit of having Chartered Physiotherapist do your massage is that will be able to use a wider variety of techniques to maximise results.

Our Sports Massage, Bodywork and Manual Therapy service is available at all our locations.

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