Boost your team’s positivity and performance with physio. 

Become a club partner to receive free and discounted sessions for your members. 

Whether your team play tennis or football, swim or run, it is possible that at some point, they may suffer from injury, aches and pains.  

If left untreated, these problems may progress, affecting their performance, and preventing them from training or competing in their sport. 

Our club partnership programme is designed to provide your teams with expert advice, and the treatment they need to keep their bodies working at their best. 

The sooner we kickstart their recovery journey, the sooner we can get them back to where they belong, on the courts, pitch or in the pool. 

FREE 15-min Discovery Clinic – is physio right for me?

Quite often we find people don’t know where to turn when it comes to aches and pains. That’s why our team are here to listen to the problem, provide some actionable steps to overcome it, and some advice on what to do next.

During the 15-min phone or video call, one of our physiotherapists will: 

  • Ask the client to explain their reason for calling, listen to, and explore the problem they’re experiencing. 
  • Provide general advice and reassurance as well as guidance on how to reduce symptoms, suggesting a few starter exercises. 
  • Share a potential diagnosis if appropriate. 
  • Give recommendations on what to do next, whether treatment is advised. 

50% off their first appointment

10% off pay-as-you-go follow-up appointments all year round.

We will provide your team with unique discount codes which can be used when booking on our website, or over the phone.

Private Health Insurance & Referral Schemes

It’s really simply to pay for appointments via insurance. Simply select ‘paying with insurance’ during online booking and enter your policy details when requested (refundable admin fee of 30p). Or tell our client care team over the phone and they will do the rest!

Marketing & Event support

We want to make sure we’re always adding value and supporting you and your team. With your help, we will make sure your team are aware of the benefits and support available to them, and that they’re the first to know about our latest offers and launches. We’ll also be on hand to support you and your team at sporting, fitness and wellbeing events with massage and injury recovery support.

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