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5 Yoga Stretches for Hikers
5 Yoga Stretches for Hikers 24 Dec 2018

Are you a keen hiker? If you’re looking for ways to improve your hiking form, distance and stamina then you are in the right place. Capital Physio’s physiotherapist Omkar is here to share his expertise on how yoga can boost [...]

5 Machine Exercises For Hikers
5 Machine Exercises For Hikers 17 Dec 2018

Be it Autumn, winter, spring or summer, hiking is a wonderful way to get fit, challenge yourself, enjoy beautiful landscapes and make new friends. Following on from last weeks’ free weights focus in our hiking series, Capital Physio’s Physiotherapist Omkar [...]

Five strengthening exercises for hikers using free weights 
Five strengthening exercises for hikers using free weights  10 Dec 2018

Hiking is a fantastic way to keep fit and strong, as well as enjoy the UK’s beautiful countryside. Did you know that there are some very effective strengthening exercises that you can perform to improve your hiking? As well as perfecting your technique, [...]

Conditioning for Hikers
Conditioning for Hikers 29 Oct 2018

If you’re a keen hiker then you’ll know that to cover the distance you want to on your favourite hikes, endurance and stamina are key. In this blog our Capital Physio physiotherapist Omkar looks at how to condition your body [...]

Hiking: Top 5 Exercises
Hiking: Top 5 Exercises 24 Sep 2018

Strength and flexibility are key to keeping your body in condition, injury-free, and ready for hiking and climbing to your heart’s content. Here are Omkar’s five favourite exercises which will strengthen your feet, legs, glutes and lower back, and protect [...]

The highs and lows of Hiking
The highs and lows of Hiking 20 Aug 2018

It’s summer time again and this year, the weather Gods have been great, providing us with ample opportunity to go out there and conquer some mountains! Physiotherapist Omkar chats to us about the ups and downs of what is becoming [...]