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How I got here: the career path of a Clinical Lead and Senior Physiotherapist

May 20 2022

Tell us a bit about you… 

My name is Hannah. I joined Bodyset as a Senior Physiotherapist in July 2021 and I was recently promoted to Senior Physiotherapist & Clinical Lead. I work at the Westminster clinic 2 days a week and the Harley Street clinic 3 days a week.  

What are we likely to find you doing outside of work? 

If I’m not travelling and exploring, then I’m enjoying the outdoors with friends. That could be running, cycling, or trying out new walking routes… and it’s always followed by good food!  

A bit more about you… If you were a Disney character, who would you be and why?   

Hmm… it has to be Moana! She’s always looking at the horizon, hoping for a new adventure, or a new challenge. That’s me! I’m always looking ahead, and I love a new challenge!  

What inspired you to become a physiotherapist? 

When I was 14 years old, I tore my anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). I had always been sporty, playing tennis, netball, and other sports so it was devastating to have to stop! After an ACL reconstruction and meniscectomy, I followed up with post-op physiotherapy and I found my recovery process fascinating. I was really interested in how I’d got injured, and how my body was working to recover. I asked my physio so many questions! In fact, he had a big influence on my decision to become a physiotherapist and on how I treat my patients today. Together, we set a goal (to get onto my school netball tour to New Zealand which was 6 months away at the time) and worked towards it. He kept me focused and motivated. As a result, I successfully joined the tour and played all the games I’d hoped to! Years later, I still ask him questions. He’s always on hand to help and I aim to provide the same level of support for my patients.  

What did you study to become a physiotherapist? 

I studied Anatomical Sciences at Bristol University. We had a dissection room which I found fascinating and started my interest in human anatomy. My dissertation focused on different treatment strategies for ACL injuries.  

Following that I worked as a recruiter in Japan. It was a good introduction to professional life and adapting to different cultures. After a short stint in UK recruitment, I decided to formally pursue a career in physiotherapy.  

I started out at St George’s University in Tooting where I completed a BSc degree in Physiotherapy. During lockdown, I qualified as a Pilates instructor which I find is incredibly beneficial to my work as a physiotherapist. Today and alongside work, I’m completing a master’s degree in Advanced MSK Physiotherapy with the University of Brighton.  

Did you complete any related work experience? 

Yes, and I really enjoyed it! Throughout my degree, I was placed at a variety of different local hospitals. Outside of that I supported a local rugby and football school with pitch side physiotherapy and first aid response and enjoyed a couple of days shadowing the junior Saracens rugby team which was great fun! 

I also worked as a tech physiotherapist at Kingston Hospital in trauma orthopaedics, and at a private physiotherapy clinic in Wimbledon.  

Have you completed any further training and/or qualifications since you joined Bodyset? 

At Bodyset, I have presented a few CPD’s on greater trochanteric pain syndrome, manual therapy, shockwave and enhancing initial assessments. I’m also excited to start a Strength & Conditioning course soon. I hope this will provide me with an even higher level of knowledge on rehabilitation for high-level athletes.  

What were you doing before and why did you join Bodyset? 

I was working for a private company treating NHS patients. They had a fantastic advanced graduate development programme, but I felt that I barely had enough time with patients. I only saw them once a month and for such short appointments. I wanted to give patients the treatment I’d received during my injury recovery when I was younger, supporting them through from the initial assessment right through to getting them back to the activities they love doing.  

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Clinical Lead. What does a day in the role of a Clinical Lead and Senior Physiotherapist look like? 

Juggling a busy diary! I work to enhance our clinical training offered here at Bodyset to ensure that all our physiotherapists are working at a high level and our patients receive the best treatment. I also keep up to date with new research and practices. So, it’s a mix of treating patients, leading and organising training programmes, and managing internal audits. 

What have been your highlights during the time that you’ve been working at Bodyset? 

It has to be receiving feedback from my patients, getting updates on sporting events that they have taken part in post rehab and having patients requesting to see me after being recommended by their friends/families. On top of that I’m excited to take on the role of Clinical Lead. It’s an exciting new challenge, and an opportunity for me to learn and develop.  

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? 

Ooh great question! I hope to have my own private clinic. I’ll keep working up the ladder here for now!  

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Hannah Hobbs

Regional Lead and Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Harley Street


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Hannah is a Clinical Lead and Senior MSK Physiotherapist with degrees in Anatomical Sciences and Physiotherapy. Hannah’s background is in the NHS, treating a variety of MSK related conditions.

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