Giulia Preato

Senior Physiotherapist

Postural education and biomechanics are two of Giulia’s specialist interests. Her manual therapy techniques include soft tissue and trigger point release, myofascial release, dry needling, joint mobilisation techniques and K-tape application.

Giulia firmly believes in approaching the patient from a 360 degree perspective, considering the injury, it’s impact on daily life and, once recovered and the prevention of recurrent episodes of pain. Her main goal is “to treat a person with an injury, not the injury itself”.

Her clinical decisions are always evidence-based, and she believes in sharing the same goals and commitment with the patient for a faster and lasting recovery. 

You can book in with Giulia at our Clapham clinic.


Giulia Preato

Clapham Physiotherapy

Springfield Medical Centre
Union Road
London SW8 2SH