Ioannis Pourkou

Chartered MSK Physiotherapist

As a seasoned physiotherapist specialising in musculoskeletal health, Ioannis found his professional home in a field that truly resonates with him. His journey began as a professional swimmer, where personal encounters with injuries led him to witness the transformative impact of physiotherapy firsthand. Inspired by the positive influence it had on his life and those around him, he decided to dive deeper.
Four years ago, he made the leap to London to pursue his passion for physiotherapy. It’s not just a job for him, it’s a calling. The satisfaction of helping others overcome physical challenges and witnessing the appreciation in their eyes fuels his dedication to this profession.
And when the workday winds down? Ioannis is all about balance. Whether it’s embracing the vibrancy of London, engaging in creative pursuits, or perhaps recalling the golden days of his swimming career at the local swimming pool, is where he finds fulfilment beyond the clinic walls. It’s the combination of personal experience, professional expertise, and a touch of adventurous spirit that shapes his journey in the world of physiotherapy.