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Ludovica Pasquinucci

Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Ludo spends most of her free time hiking, running (as part of the London City Runners Club), cycling and, where possible, skiing. Her love of sport lead to her study of physiotherapy in Italy. After graduating, Ludo moved to the UK looking to gain more experience abroad.

Improving patients physical conditions and quality of life have always been her primary goals. She has spent her first years in Dorset working in neurological rehabilitation, elderly rehabilitation and leading bespoke 1:1 Pilates sessions.

Ludo developed an interest in teaching Pilates and studied at the APPI Pilates Institution. She loves to use Pilates principles to improve patients posture, body awareness and wellbeing. She also loves sports injury rehabilitation too, and likes to integrate her personal experience as a runner/cyclist/skier to make her rehabilitations plans more effective.

She is enthusiastic about working at Bodyset and helping to get people back to the activities they love, from every day activities to elite sports.