Prerna Java

Chartered MSK Physiotherapist

Prerna is a passionate physiotherapist with a Master’s in Exercise and Sports Medicine from the University of Birmingham and has been involved in various sports environments to pursue her passion to treat and help people.

She has also worked with Midlands Division 2 Barnt Green Spartak Football Club in Birmingham supporting and guiding the athletes to their optimal health and rehabilitation goals and providing pitch-side assistance on match days. Prerna has also worked with Para-Olympians during the Commonwealth Games Birmingham 2022 providing high-quality screening and care before the games and treating acute injuries, and sports massages during the training period helping them perform at their best potential for the competition. In India, she provided high-quality physiotherapy treatment for fishermen and ice-factory workers in coordination with Orthopedic Consultants to spread awareness and educate these communities on ergonomic modifications to reduce the injury rate caused by their field of work.

Prerna believes in evidence-based treatment individualized to each of her patients to provide the best care with compassion and is a patron of manual therapy combined with exercise prescription for the best attainable results, helping her patients achieve their goals. She is enthusiastic about mental health and likes to help her patients to grow mentally and physically with the utmost care and has always believed that a positive mindset is all you need to overcome any obstacle.

In her free time, she enjoys socializing and meeting new people, learning Muay Thai, dancing and reading a book with a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day.

She is very grateful to be a part of a motivated team of physios, osteos and sports therapists who work together towards providing the best healthcare to their clients and guide them towards their optimal health.