Rafael Tavares

Sports Massage Therapist

Rafael, a physiotherapy student, certified personal trainer, and competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter. He brings a unique perspective to personal training, having undergone his own remarkable weight loss journey, losing 30 kilograms, Rafael possesses a profound understanding of the challenges associated with fitness transformation. His training background and his competitive experience grant him a multifaceted understanding of the human body and its mechanics.
As a sports massage therapist, Rafael also recognises the critical role of recovery in achieving peak performance. By integrating his firsthand knowledge of overcoming obstacles with his expertise in muscle tension relief and tissue healing. rafael will prioritise both physical progress and holistic well-being. Driven by a sincere desire to empower others to reach their full potential, Rafael approaches personal training with enthusiasm, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to his client’s success.
Whether you’re embarking on your fitness journey or aiming to elevate your athletic performance, Rafael stands ready to guide you toward your goals with personalised support and expertise.”