Sze-Hang Ko (高思行)

Chartered MSK Physiotherapist

Sze-Hang Ko is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist based at our Victoria and Westminster clinics.

With experience in treating patients in Hong Kong and the UK, Sze-Hang Ko is a strong advocate of using an East-meets-West approach to physiotherapy. He’s also a master of languages, speaking Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, in addition to a foundation in Korean and Portuguese!

He delivers individualised and evidence-based physiotherapeutic treatment, bespoke to his patients’ needs, with a wide breath of knowledge and experience in musculoskeletal conditions. As someone who has Hypermobility Syndrome, he specialises in helping others manage their symptoms in a way that slots seamlessly into their lives.

Beyond our clinic, Sze-Hang Ko is an Alumni Ambassador for the University of Bradford. He enjoys swimming (although he admits that it is too cold for him to swim in British winter!) and loves to play the violin and piano.