Wylie Ball

Senior MSK Physiotherapist

Wylie is a Senior MSK Physiotherapist.. He holds a degree in Sport and Social Science from the University of Bath, as well as a Physiotherapy degree from the University of the West of England. Additionally, he is qualified in Sports Massage with a ITEC level 3 diploma.

Wylie kick-started his physiotherapy career as a graduate amid the COVID pandemic, working within private practice as an MSK physiotherapist. During that time, he developed a clinical interest in sporting injuries, particularly shoulder injuries sustained by excessive over-head loading or repetitive shoulder movements in sports such as Cross-fit, swimming and tennis.

Each year, Wylie also takes to the slopes in the Swiss/French Alps. He learnt to ski from a young age, and is an experienced skier and SkiFit specialist. As an adult, he appreciates the physical impact skiing has on the body, and therefore, understands the importance of being in good physical condition to optimise his performance. .

Wylie too comes from a sporting background. He currently enjoys spending his time taking part in Cross-fit, swimming and golf; to name a few. Being health conscious and active himself, Wylie believes that exercise is pivotal to happier and healthier living. Whilst his passion is helping those return to sport, he strives to help all his patients recover and reach their full potential in both sports and everyday activities.