Achieve lasting results with our best value, most effective physiotherapy treatment programme to date… Find out more.

Achieve lasting results…

with our best value, most effective physiotherapy treatment programme.

Every recovery journey is different, but through years of experience, and having gathered data from more than 30,000 successfully treated clients, we know that the average recovery requires approximately 7 visits.

Delaying treatment, or stopping too soon can undo all the hard work that you’ve put in. Which is why we recommend that all our clients complete at least one full course of treatment to ensure lasting change and results.

Our treatment programmes have been designed to make sure that a lasting recovery is as accessible as possible, without undervaluing the quality of service we provide.

If you book in for a course of treatment with, or on the same day as, your assessment, we take the cost of your assessment off the standard course price:

Assessment & Treatment (45 mins) £75, includes FREE 15-min assessment
Single Treatment (30 mins) £75
Standard Treatment Course (6 x 30 mins) £400, £67 per treatment
Same Day Treatment Course (6 x 30 mins) £325, £54 per treatment*

*When purchased with, or on the same day as, your assessment.

Extended 60-minute options available on request.

Who is this for? 

Our physiotherapy treatment programmes are for every body. Whether your wrists are aching after working from home, your knee hurts since you started running or you’re back training and something doesn’t feel right…

Booking in for an assessment with one of our specialists will put your mind at ease, provide you with a sound explanation, and a plan to combat the pain.

Our same day treatment course is currently available to both new and existing clients who have had an assessment with us, and have not been discharged.

We’re all guilty of putting our bodies on the back-burner, but it’s best to take the first step and catch pain early to prevent it progressing down the line. The sooner we get it sorted, the better!

What do I get in my first session?

The purpose of this session is to assess how you feel, and how you move. We provide the answers and everything you need to kickstart your road to recovery.

You will receive:

  • A movement and strength analysis from one of our expert physiotherapy team.
  • A clear diagnosis.
  • Hands-on treatment to relieve any immediate pain or symptoms.
  • Starter exercises to carry out before your next session where appropriate.
  • A follow-up report outlining your recovery programme and timeframes.
  • A login for your Telehab account (this is where you can access your prescribed rehabilitation exercises from home.)

What do I get from my treatment course? 

During your treatment course, you will experience a combination of goal setting, symptom management and exercise rehabilitation to fit your diagnosis.

We use objective markers and measures to set your baseline, and track progress throughout your treatment, so that we can show you how close you are to reaching your goal.

In order to commit to, and trust in your recovery programme, we feel it’s important that you not only feel the results but see the results.

How much does my course of treatment course cost if I don't purchase on the day of my assessment?

If you choose not to purchase a course of 6 treatments on the day of your assessment, the price of purchasing the same course at a later date is £4oo.

Is there an option to 'pay as you go'?

You can purchase your treatment sessions as you go, however, our treatment courses will always offer the best recovery value. An equivalent number of pay-as-you-go sessions would cost you £450 vs. a same day course £325.

Extended sessions and shorter courses are also available on request.

Does this apply to other services?

This course rate is exclusive to physiotherapy and does not include other services.

How do I book?

All you need to do is book in for your ‘Assessment and Treatment (45mins)’ online or over the phone.

You can add your treatment course:

  • With your assessment purchase online or over the phone.
  • With your practitioner during your assessment (using the same card details provided for your initial booking).
  • With client care over the phone on the day as your assessment.

Ready to begin your recovery journey?