At Bodyset, physiotherapy is so much more than pain relief and injury recovery. It’s about enhancing people’s performance, preventing injury, and improving their everyday lives too. That’s why our incredible team of experts are united by a shared passion – to help people get the best out of their bodies so they can do more of what they love. 

Do you have an injury, pain or discomfort?

Booking in for an MSK physiotherapy assessment with one of our specialists will put your mind at ease, provide you with sound diagnosis and a plan to combat the pain.

What can I expect from my assessment?

The purpose of this session is to assess how you feel, and how you move. We provide the answers and everything you need to kickstart your road to recovery.  

You will receive: 

  • A movement analysis from one of our expert physiotherapy team.  
  • A clear diagnosis. 
  • Hands-on treatment to relieve any immediate pain or symptoms. 
  • follow-up report outlining yourecovery programme and timeframes. 
  • A login for your Bodyset app account (this is where you can access your rehabilitation exercises from home.)

What can I expect from my treatment? 

During your treatment, we will work with you on goal setting, symptom management and exercise rehabilitation to fit your diagnosis.

We will use objective markers and measures to set your baseline, and track progress throughout your treatment. This means that we can show you how close you are to reaching your goal. In order to commit to, and trust in your recovery programme, we feel it’s important that you not only feel the results but see the results. 

What should I bring and wear to my appointment?

Wear something comfortable. It’s important that we’re able to see how your body moves, so please wear clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Are physiotherapy appointments covered by private health insurance?

Our physiotherapy assessments and treatments are covered by all major private health insurers. The number of authorised sessions available to you will depend on your insurer.

Short on time?

If you’ve only got a lunch break to spare, or you can’t find a 45-minute Physiotherapy Appointment available at a time that suits you, then book in for an Express 30-minute Physiotherapy Assessment instead.

During an express assessment, your physiotherapist will ask you several key questions to identify the reason for your visit and the cause of your injury or condition. They’ll perform a series of objective tests to guide a safe and effective treatment plan and start necessary treatments in clinic to help relieve any immediate pain you have and set you on your road to recovery.

Following your express assessment your physiotherapist will also advise on whether any follow-up appointments are required, as part of a comprehensive physiotherapy treatment programme to help resolve any issues you may have and help reach your goals.

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