Our physiotherapy treatment programmes are designed to help you get out of pain, move more freely and reach your full potential.

We’re here to make sure you walk away from your final session having achieved significant, long-lasting change and a new found confidence in how your body feels, moves and performs.

Who is physiotherapy for? 

Physiotherapy is for every body. Whether your wrists are aching after working from home, you’ve pulled your shoulder reaching into the kitchen cupboard, even if you just slept funny and woke up with a niggle in your neck… 

Booking in for an assessment with one of our specialists will put your mind at ease, provide you with sound explanation, and a plan to combat the pain. 

We’re all guilty of putting our bodies on the back-burner, but it’s best to take the first step and catch pain early to prevent it progressing down the line. The sooner we get it sorted, the better!

What do I get during my assessment?

The purpose of this session is to assess how you feel, and how you move. We provide the answers and everything you need to kickstart your road to recovery.  

You will receive: 

  • A movement analysis from one of our expert physiotherapy team.  
  • A clear diagnosis. 
  • Hands-on treatment to relieve any immediate pain or symptoms. 
  • follow-up report outlining yourecovery programme and timeframes. 
  • A login for your Telehab account (this is where you can access your rehabilitation exercises from home.)

What do I get during my course of treatment? 

During your course of treatment, you will experience a combination of goal setting, symptom management and exercise rehabilitation to fit your diagnosis.

We use objective markers and measures to set your baseline, and track progress throughout your treatment. This means that we can show you how close you are to reaching your goal.  

In order to commit to, and trust in your recovery programme, we feel it’s important that you not only feel the results but see the results. 

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