Virtual desk assessments via video are a great way to find out whether your workstation set-up is causing or contributing to pain and discomfort while working from home or back at the office. The most common problem areas to look out for include the lower back, neck or wrist.

How do virtual desk assessments work?

Our virtual physiotherapy platform Physitrack means we can run secure video consultations with our clients. The full desk assessment process, advice and recommendations can all be delivered effectively via video.

We take a look at your desk arrangement, assess your working patterns, and organisation of work tasks. This enables us to provide practical recommendations to improve comfort and productivity. It also helps us to determine whether you could benefit from assistive technology (e.g specialist chairs). We will complete:

  • Workstation risk assessment 
  • Seated postural analysis. 
  • Postural training and task management 

All virtual desk assessments are carried out by our chartered physiotherapists. They have specialist training in occupational health, ergonomics and health and safety.

How do I prepare for a virtual desk assessment?

You will need something stable to hold your camera so that we can see your desk set-up. This may involve getting someone to help you.

Are virtual desk assessments covered by private medical insurance?

Virtual desk assessments are not currently covered by private medical insurers.

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