Welcome to Our Online Physiotherapy Clinic

If you are currently working from home and are unable to travel, our online physiotherapy platform means you can see and speak to our physios from the comfort of your home. Our online services include video consultations for both physio and desk assessmentsAll you need is a desktop, mobile or tablet with a camera, decent lighting and a quiet space.  

How does Online Physiotherapy work without the hands-on?

Although physical examination, manual therapy and manipulation are a big part of what we do, there are many other aspects of physiotherapy that we use to ensure you get the most out of your virtual sessions. 

Our experienced therapists have the skills to provide you with a quality, remote diagnosis, treatment plan and ongoing management to help with your movement and pain relief from home. Our online tools enable us to prescribe exercises and guided self-manual therapy to ensure that you get the most our of your treatment with us.