We’re Covid-safe and remain open for face-to-face physiotherapy during lockdown. Find out more.

Harley Street Physiotherapy

Harley Street Physiotherapy is located close to Marylebone, Oxford Street and the West End. We are on the world-famous Harley Street, which is a befitting location for our award winning Physiotherapy team.

The clinic has recently undergone a complete refurbishment and re-opened in January 2020.

Experience physiotherapy like never before

Our new Harley Street clinic has three consultation rooms. These have been designed with client comfort in mind. Every detail has been considered from super comfy treatment beds to calming colours. This is where your journey begins. In other words, this is where our physiotherapists assess and diagnose you, explain your treatment plan and do the ‘hands-on’ part of your treatment.

The Harley Street Physiotherapy clinic has a state-of-the-art strength and conditioning gym. Here, our physiotherapists work with clients to improve movement and re-build strength. This room has been designed and kitted out by Eleiko with functional rehabilitation in mind. In other words, you get access to the same rehabilitation that top athletes do.

The clinic also has a bright and airy reformer Pilates studio. This is mostly used for one to one and small group sessions as part of a clients individual treatment plan. However, we also have a full studio timetable for classes.

Changing and shower facilities are also available at the clinic.

Physiotherapy at our Harley Street clinic

Our physiotherapists in Harley Street specialise in assessing, diagnosing and treating a wide range of injuries. We also screen for weaknesses in the body. We fix problems but moreover we aim to prevent them from getting worse. If you see us early, we can often pick up underlying issues and prevent injuries.

Hands on treatment is an important part of what we do however, the real value in our approach comes from spending time with our clients. We set out clear recovery plans that align with your goals. In short, we believe in getting results that last, not just quick fixes.

Keeping you safe

Our Harley Street clinic is open for face-to-face appointments with several measures in place:

  • Client screening

  • Enhanced hygiene practices

  • Use of PPE

  • NHS Test and Trace

We also request you bring a mask to your appointment. You can read more about the measures here.