Zaneta Kwiecien

Osteopath & MSK Women's Health Specialist and Mummy MOT

Zaneta is an Osteopath, Women’s Health and MSK Specialist.  

 She has a Bachelor of Osteopathy Degree from the London School of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Sports Rehabilitation from St Mary’s University. She has also completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science at the world famous Gray Institute in Michigan, USA, where she developed her expertise as a Movement Specialist. 

Zaneta has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of body biomechanics and has treated high-level athletes including professional rugby and football players, runners, cyclists and dancers. In the past, Zaneta has worked with the national rugby team and football team in Gibraltar as well as many athletes from the UK. She specialises in post-surgery rehabilitation where she offers a tailored rehabilitation programme with a personalised treatment approach.

Zaneta is also a Mummy MOT registered MSK Women’s Health specialist with an interest in women’s health and treating children and expectant mothers. She specialises in the evaluation and treatment of female clients, covering pregnancy and pelvic floor dysfunction. She also uses IASTM/Garston techniques to treat scar tissue in the pelvic and abdominal region, including C-section and peroneal scar tissue, and any scar tissue that has appeared as a result of the trauma or post-operative procedures. Through understanding the journey of motherhood, herself, she enjoys empowering pre- and post-natal mums with therapy and exercises. 

Zaneta’s highly successful approach to treating her clients is based on a unique blend of medical osteopathy and function-based rehabilitation skills. She uses a diverse range of soft tissue therapy techniques and incorporates personalised rehabilitation programmes to find the right treatment for each client. 

Outside of the clinic you’ll find Zaneta running, dancing and cycling!