Bodyset lowers pricing across clinics nationwide

Mar 10 2023

At Bodyset, we’re always striving to fine tune our business model, to stay true to our brand values, and offer the very best service to our clients. 

One of our key brand values is accessibility, because most of all, we want to be therefor our clients whenever they need us. However, in light of the continued rise in cost-of-living prices, many of our clients are feeling compelled to make sacrifices.   

At Bodyset we never want our clients to compromise on their health. That’s why, as of 27th February 2023, we lowered our prices across all 26+ Bodyset clinicsin the UK.We hope that in doing so, our clients can always put their body first and continue doing what they love best, without compromise. 

Whatever the challenge, and whatever the goal, we’re here to support our clients every step of the way.