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Sport and remedial massage… is it for me?

Aug 11 2020

The benefits of sports and remedial massage

Sport and remedial massage work to promote a healthy body and mind by relaxing muscles, relieving pain and getting your body back on track.

Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Relaxation – it helps the muscles relax through heat generated circulation and stretching. It may also lower high blood pressure.
  • Flexibility – someone with tight muscles may have better flexibility following treatment.
  • Pain Reduction – it assists in reducing tension and releases the body’s endorphins, influencing our pain reception.
  • Recovery – it can helps to speed up recovery from trauma and fatigue. Meaning you can carry out more intensive training with a lower risk of overuse injury.
  • Prevention – it can assist in the prevention of injury in the long term.
  • Health – it helps maintain and improve the health of the soft tissues due to the effects on blood circulation.
  • Invigoration/Increased Energy – it can leave you feeling invigorated and with more energy. This can be of real benefit before an event or competition.
  • Reduces Anxiety – it induces relaxation which in turn reduces anxiety.
Is it for me?

Sport and remedial massage really are for every body.

As the name suggests, it can be extremely valuable for those involved in sports and fitness at all levels, from casual movers to professional athletes.

We also see a lot of people with active and dynamic professions, such as those working in the performance industry, including dancers, actors and musicians. And those in construction, such as builders, plumbers or decorators.

Many people suffer from minor and chronic work-related injuries, whether it’s caused by repetitive movement such as a painter reaching overhead, or a desk-based job which means they’re not moving much at all.

Sport and remedial massage can help to relieve the pain, correct postural imbalances and improve your range of movement. Aiding recovery and speeding up the bodies healing and rehabilitation processes.

Sport & Remedial Massage at Bodyset

Our experienced and qualified therapists offer massage across our entire clinic portfolio. They use a range of techniques focused on both deep and superficial layers. They may also carry out a postural assessment and other soft tissue techniques such as Soft Tissue Release and Muscle Energy Techniques within our sessions to offer the best possible outcome for our clients