Get set for your best season yet with a sports pre-season screening.

Ever wondered if there’s anything holding you back?  

Are there any unseen biomechanical forces at play?  

Are they hindering your performance in any way?  

Every body is different, and understanding your biomechanical strengths and weaknesses could be KEY to unlocking your performance potential this season. 

BodyCheck MOT is a thorough full body pre-season screening that takes a deep dive into your strength, mobility, and flexibility using a series of tests. This helps us to identify any potential risks of injury and other factors which may be limiting your training and performance. 

Off the back of the screening, we develop a bespoke training programme that is adapted to focus on strengthening or mobilising areas that require more attention. The aim? To keep you in the game (no painful hiccups) and taking your performance to the next level this upcoming competitive season. 

Part of a sports club? Grab 50% off your pre-season BodyCheck MOT as a Bodyset Partner! Get in touch on [email protected] for more information.

Who are pre-season BodyCheck MOTs for?

Whether you’re a professional athlete, member of a competitive sports team, or simply want to improve your sporting performance without injury – BodyCheck MOT is for you. 

When should I get a pre-season BodyCheck MOT?

It’s useful to book your BodyCheck MOT screening before the season starts to allow time for us to identify and work with you on improving any weaknesses we uncover. But to be honest, there’s no wrong time to get a BodyCheck MOTthe better you get to know your body, the stronger you’ll perform, wherever you’re at in your season!  

What will we test in a pre-season BodyCheck MOT?

During a BodyCheck MOT, we’ll run through a series of tests. These are often adapted to your sport and any information you provide us with, but in a more general sense you can expect:


We’ll assess areas of strength specific to your sport. If you’re susceptible to injury in a certain area due to a lack of strength, we’ll spot it!  

Mobility & Flexibility  

We’ll assess a series of key functional muscle and joint movements, as well as those specific to your sport, to assess your range. This will allow us to identify any risks of injury and room for improvement.  

What are the benefits of a pre-season BodyCheck MOT?

We’ll help you get the best out of your body for a winning season: 

-Identify any risk of injury 

-Catch underlying problems early

-Design your bespoke injury prevention and performance programme  

What happens after a pre-season BodyCheck MOT? 

Having identified your strengths and weaknesses, we’ll design a bespoke injury prevention and performance programme to get your body performing at its best throughout your season and beyond. 

Are pre-season BodyCheck MOTs covered by private health insurance? 

Unfortunately, our pre-season BodyCheck screenings are not currently covered by private health insuranceHowever, your sports team or club can claim 50% off pre-season BodyCheck MOTs as part of our Bodyset Partnership Programme. For more information, get in touch on [email protected].  

Can I claim 50% off a pre-season BodyCheck MOT? 

Yes! Your gym, sports club or sports team can claim 50% off for you by becoming a Bodyset partner at no extra cost.  For more information, get in touch on [email protected].  

Where is my nearest pre-season BodyCheck MOT? 

Our pre-season BodyCheck MOT service is available at our 26+ clinics across the UK. Find your nearest clinic here.  


Simply visit your chosen location page for clinic-specific pricing.